Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Is Wrong With Wanting To Restore Honor?

We live in a horribly cynical age. An age in which we question one man that took a lot of flack and heat for stating the obvious. That this Great Land is a broken land. And the same man took to one of the great heroes of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, and another, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and said it is time to restore honor in this Broken Land.
That was the message of Glenn Beck and yesterday's Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C.
Yet because Mr. Beck is percieved as a conservative, well how dare he think that there is something wrong with the United States. How dare he question whether this nation has lost it's way. After all, we elected the first Black president in the person of the Dear Leader, President Obama. And we were told that our place in the world would soar. And it has not.
One thing that Mr. Beck said and has said is that we can not nor should not put all our eggs in the political basket. And I do agree. Even though I do believe that who is elected and what policies they follow is important, it is not the end all. Thus, Mr. Beck is correct.
The overarching theme of Restoring Honor was that we as a nation need to return to God. It does not matter if one is Christian, Jew or Islamic. No matter how we worship, we need to return as a nation to a relationship with God.
And there is a lot of why we are in the brokenness we are in as a nation.
While many have made a life of removing God from the Public Square, there seems to be a correlation of decline of what has made us an honorable people.
We just do not seem to care about each other. I mean as a people. We are ready to dismiss people that we do not agree with in our politics with ease rather than know them as people. Same with religion. We as a people are just worried about me, myself and I.
Thus it was very wonderful to see Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals at the Restoring Honor event. It was great to see people acknowledged for going out of their comfort zones and doing the right thing. It was great to see people really care about our men and women in harm's way doing what so few of us would do.
Yet the cynics are looking at this event and thinking, ah this is just a flash in the pan event. It will not and can not have a long term effect.
That is a possibility.
But it will take those that attended, or watched on CSPAN to spread the message that faith, hope and charity are the way and not some distant or alien concept as to how we should be as a people and a nation.
Being broken is easy. Being whole is hard work.
And that is what lies ahead for Glenn Beck and those of us that believe the best is yet to come for the United States if we just turn back to God and love one another.

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