Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sarah Palin Kills The Murkowski Dynasty

Who says good things happen to those who wait?
Well, Sarah Palin must be saying that about this moment.
In a battle royale to the finish, Sarah Palin's endorsement killed an Alaska political dynasty.
Today, Sen. Lisa Murkowski conceded her race for reelection to political neophyte Joe Miller and he will be the Republican nominee for the United States senate from the Last Frontier state.
And Sarah Palin can now say she took out a big part of Alaska's political establishment.
You see Mrs. Palin ran for governor in 2006. And she ran against then incumbent Frank Murkowski, Lisa's dad. Yeah, Gov. Murkowski gave up his senate seat, ran for governor in 2002, won and gave the seat to daughter Lisa. Well, Mrs. Palin handily defeated Mr. Murkowski in the primary. The most tone-deaf act as governor form Mr. Murkowski was appointing his own daughter to his empty senate seat. And he never recovered. His numbers when Mrs. Palin beat him in 2006 would have made then President George W. Bush think he was north of 50. They were bad.
So, Mrs. Palin went on to defeat Democrat Tony Knowles in 2006 for Alaska governor. It was one of the only highlights for the Republicans in a dismal year in which they lost both houses of congress.
Fast forward to the present.
Mrs. Palin decided to endorse Mr. Miller over the incumbent Sen. Murkowski.
Mr. Miller was very much to the right of the moderate conservative Sen. Murkowski. And he was backed by Tea Party activists as well as other Alaska political figures.
But none more important and effective than the former governor, Mrs. Palin.
Before her endorsement, Sen. Murkowski was trouncing Mr. Miller in available polling data. The numbers looked bad for Mr. Miller.
But with Tea Party, anti-establishment conservatives and Sarah Palin backing Mr. Miller, and Sen. Murkowski basically ignoring his rise, well, there you have it!
Now it is Republican candidate Miller and Sen. Murkowski will be heading back to the frozen tundra in January, 2011.
And Sarah Palin can now say the Murkowski's are done in Alaska politics for the foreseeable future.

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Jennie said...

Joe Miller of Alaska is the Scott Brown of Massachusetts. That's TWO "shots heard around the world."