Sunday, August 08, 2010

An Evanglical Take On Prop. 8

I am certain that you have read all about the federal court's Proposition 8 decision that overturned the people of California recognizing marriage between one man and one woman.
I have linked to the actual decision on the judge involved in the case, Vaughn Walker. Yes, he was appointed by former President George H. W. Bush. Proving the difference between a Republican and a conservative Republican. But, it is a rather tortured decision at best.
What I think is important is how people of faith deal with this new blow to traditional marriage.
Timothy Dalrymple has one of the best columns on the subject I have read since Judge Walker's decision came down.
It makes a case to defend traditional marriage and to have a real dialogue and compassion to those that are homosexuals rather than the approach so many take to demonize on both sides of this issue.
I note the end of Mr. Dalrymple's post:

Incalculable harm has come from political and religious leaders who opposed same-sex marriage but were later shown to have sexual or even homosexual sins of their own. Stories like those of Ted Haggard or Larry Craig or even Mark Souter make it all too easy for gay-marriage activists to portray our opposition as a manifestation of sexual repression.

As we often say, read the whole thing.
It is the best of what an Evangelical Christian can do in regards to such an issue that has become so divisive to many Americans.

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