Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dingy Dirty Harry Reid Steps In It Again

God love him! I mean, who else can love the senate majority leader, Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry Reid?
Well, it appears that the Democrat Solon wants to know how anyone of Hispanic heritage can be a Republican?
Of course, may I turn it around to Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry?
How can any Mormon be a Democrat?
Ahh, I digress and it is really important to stay on point.
What Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry said was the following:

"I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK. Do I need to say more?"

As the television pitcher says, but wait! There's more!
If that was not enough, Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry went on to say the reason that there is animus towards Hispanics is because "their skin's a tone darker". Than those who were immigrants from Europe.
This guy is beyond an ignoramus. But he is the senate majority leader and is the face of senate Democrats.
It is not the first time that Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry has shown his fixation on race.
Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry said about then Democrat presidential candidate, Sen. Messiah Barack,
that he was "light skinned" and had no "Negro" dialect. And he got out of that with an apology and a wrist-slap. Ol' Trent Lott basically was drummed out of the senate when he gave an old man, Sen. Strom Thurmond, a nice remark as he was celebrating his 100th birthday.
What is it about Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry and skin color? Why is he so into skin tone? Dark skin? Light skin?
Hey, schmuck! Who cares?
Why does no one question his Mormonism as Mitt Romney was harassed on the presidential trail in 2008? Hmm? How about asking Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry how he can be in a denomination that did not allow Blacks in the priesthood? Huh?
I want to bring you the thoughts of a Hispanic, a woman and-DA HORROR!-a Republican!
Rachel Campos-Duffy, who gained fame in MTV's The Real World in season three, has been an active Republican for years. And in this post in The Corner at National Review Online, she hits the nail right on the head as to why Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry is so, well sorry to be blunt, stupid.
I like that she writes about her father not just being a Hispanic Republican, but as a resident of Arizona, a supporter of the infamous Senate Bill 1080.
But the clincher is pointing out the obvious. That Hispanics are not all different than anyone else. They care about the economy. Jobs. Taxes. National Security. And I will point out how many Hispanics join the armed forces to defend this nation. It is a high number and something that I am very proud of as a fellow American.
See, Dingy Dirty Harry, there are a lot of Hispanics that actually like and believe the Republican message. They do not feel that they have to stay on the Democrat plantation. That they want to move up by ability, not name, heritage or some skin tone. That is why they are and become Republicans.
Oh, maybe this is all a little ginning-up to get a bunch of Hispanic Nevadans to vote for Rory No Last Name for governor. Why does Rory not say his last name? OMG! My bad! Rory's last name is R E I D! Same as Dingy Dirty Harry! Why, Rory is Harry's son!
I bet Rory is giving daddy a big wet kiss as a thank you as I write this.
Yeah, right.
Come November, it will be nice to call Sharron Angle sen.-elect Angle. The people of Nevada deserve better. And will get it.

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