Monday, June 29, 2009

Breitbart Gets It

POW! A KO from Andrew Breitbart in regards to the latest matter with America's favorite Gossip Girl, Mario Lavanderia, Jr, aka Perez Hilton.
Now, I think that one can be for same-sex marriage and be respectful towards those of us that want to keep traditional marriage.
But, Mr. Lavanderia is not one of those people.
You see, he used his sleaziness to eventually force Miss California, Carrie Prejean, to be deposed as Miss California.
Remember, Miss Prejean's sin was to be honest in her view on same-sex marriage. She is against it. As is none other than President Obama himself. So he says. Same position of Vice-President Biden. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. But, no, Miss Prejean is the real threat to the Lavanderia agenda.
It does have to do with the latest Gossip Girl dust up.
You see, Mr Lavanderia is apparently not a big Black Eyed Peas fan. The band, not the vegetable. Ah, all right, maybe the veggie too. And he really does not like Well, I do not know enough to like or dislike. But, Mr Lavanderia called a faggot.
What? A faggot? I am confused. Is that not an anti-gay slur? And, in not Mr. Lavanderia himself, well, a faggot?
Well, and his manager, Polo Molina had enough. And Mr. Molina finally let Mr. Lavanderia have it. POW! Right in the kisser.
Of course Mr. Lavanderia went home, propped his camera on his website and proceeded to whine and cry. A pathetic display from a loathsome person.
Remember, Mr. Lavanderia's whole "profession" is to seek the worst in people. It is to detail all about those that are famous and or infamous. And any detail that is seedy and tawdry will do. Why for Mr. Lavanderia, the seedier and tawdrier will do.
The fact is that celebrities are afraid of this walking douche bag. They do not want to get on ol' Mario's bad side. Then he will get on their bad side, if you know what I mean. And one way to keep on the Gossip Girl's good side is to be publicly all for same-sex marriage. Even if that may not be the way any given celebrity feels on this very front and center social issue.
But now, thanks to one Polo Molina, the tide may be turning. People are taking the Black Eyed Peas side in this dispute. And maybe opening their eyes to the brat that Mr. Lavanderia is. And Mr. Breitbart gives us this little nugget:

Mr. Lavandeira has used his sexual orientation as a shield to deflect criticism.

That is why so many had allied themselves with Mr. Lavanderia in his quest to drive Carrie Prejean off the stage. Fear and loathing.
People have to speak out against Mr. Lavanderia and the dirty website he operates. It is awful that it has taken a punch across Mr. Lavanderia's kisser, but it looks like it could be a starting point for those most affected by Mr. Lavanderia's sleaze to tell him to buzz off. And to stop scaring them into going along with his despicable antics to those that he does not like.
Andrew Breitbart gets it. Time for the rest of the celebrity world to get it too.

President Obama Show His Leftist Cards

It is funny that President Obama is openly showing his left-leaning cards in regards to the situations in Honduras and Iran.
Start with Honduras first.
It is obvious that the now former president, Mel Zelaya, was trying to seize power in pushing a vote on his own presidential term. The plan to carry out the national referendum was in the face of the supreme court ruling that the way Sr. Zelaya was carrying out the vote was unconstitutional. The decision was supported by the attorney general, congress and members of Sr. Zelaya's own Liberal party. Does it not bother the president that the ballots that were going to be used to carry out the illegal vote were from "President" Piggy's Venezuela? Note that according to the linked article, it was the former president himself that led a mob that broke into a military installation that housed the ballots and decided to distribute the ballots himself.
Here is a clue.
When one acts against the supreme court, congress, and the military, it is an act of insurrection. Even if it is led by the president himself.
Somehow, while the rule of law is being carried out in Honduras, President Obama and his minions are supporting the crack-pot Sr. Zelaya against the people.
But, it is not only in Honduras that our commander-in-chief shows that he will not support the people but the powers to be.
While thousands of brave Iranians are showing their righteous disgust with the Shia Islamic regime in Tehran, President Obama might as well be blaming the people themselves. We hear and read how the president says that he can not interfere with the government and that the situation will be handled by the Iranian people.
Really? Sure!
The Iranian people are trying to do just that. The people are smarter than the elites, whether they be in Tehran or Washington.
The people realize that they were snowed when within three hours, the winner of the presidential "election" was declared.
And shocka of all shockas, the incumbent Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was declared the winner. Not just the the winner, but by a landslide. Why even the closest opponent, Mir Hossein Mousavi, lost his hometown by strikingly similar numbers as the rest of the nation, 65-31%.
Now, I am no expert in rigging elections. But, I think that one makes the results in the opponents home area a lot closer than the Iranians did.
And, no question Mr. Mousavi would not be a really great choice, but it is the blatant robbing of the people that occurred. And the ferocity that the fanatics ruining Iran, led by Ayatollah Kathemi, had in response to the people asking, to be blunt, WTF?!
And where is our Dear Leader on this?
Why, not supporting the people. He is walking on eggshells to not upset the dictators of Tehran who really do not believe in any kind of democracy, Islamic or anything else.
It should show the American people that it truly is the world turned upside down. The United States has always supported democracy and those that yearn for freedom. Sometimes, there was a price to be paid standing for those yearning to be free.
But, under this president, Barack Obama, we stand on the side of tyrants and wannabe dictators in the case of Iran and Honduras.
I can only hope that President Obama and his minions do not do any more serious harm to the interests of the United States in the remainder of this term. No matter what, it will be a lot for his successor to mop up.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surprise! President Obama Supports Central American Leftist Trying To Hold On To Power

No, my friends, it is not our friend in Venezuela, "President" Hugo Chavez.
Of course not the people finally trying to regain freedom and dignity in Red Cuba.
It is the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, as he was to proceed today a national referendum that would, in effect, extend his constitutionally mandated one term into a possible second term.
Now, some will say, what is wrong with trying to change the constitution.
Nothing except that there are certain parts of the Honduras constitution that are not up for any changes. And one of them is the term of a president. And, the supreme court of Honduras declared the vote was unconstitutional. So did the attorney general.
Of course the left-wing governments that now dominate Central and South America all issued the usual statements contemning the action by the the armed forces that ended this clear constitutional breach.
"President" Piggy, aka Chavez, of Venezuela is putting his armed forces on alert and threatening to change the current situation.
But none other than our leader, President Obama, came out in favor of a leftist trying to cling to power.
Read this gem from the Dear Leader:

"I call on all political and social actors in Honduras to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the Inter-American Democratic Charter."

Political and social actors? Is this guy kidding? Does President Obama think that this is some Poli Sci class back in Occidental College?
And as far as the rule of law, it is the former president, Sr. Zelaya, that was flaunting the rule of law. By going ahead with a vote to change the national constitution that was deemed illegal by the attorney general and the supreme court, Sr. Zelaya was flaunting the law. Even his successor, Roberto Micheleti, opposed the president's move. And, Sr. Micheleti is a member of Sr. Zelaya's political party, the Liberal party.
No, the Honduran armed forces did the right thing. Former president Zelaya was going to plunge the nation into crisis for the simple aim of trying to extend his term.
Now the Honduran armed forces must do all that it can to end its involvement as quickly as possible and let President Micheliti carry out the remainder of this presidential term.
I wonder if "President" Piggy does carry out his threat to interfere in the domestic affairs of Honduras by force. Will President Obama still be referring to "Political and social actors?"

Crap And Trade And Eight Bad Republicans

I have now been back from vacation over a week and still find it hard to get back in the swing of things. Not that there is not a lot out there. Just trying to find something worth the time of writing a post.
Well, the Friday vote on the so-called climate-change energy bill, also known as crap and trade, er, cap and trade, is a lesson that it does not take much to change the minds of just enough Republican congressmen to pass very, very bad legislation.
The bad eight are as follows:

1) Chris Smith, New Jersey
2) Dave Reichert, Washington state
3) Mary Bono Mack, California
4) Mike Castle, Delaware
5) Mark Kirk, Illinois
6) John McHugh, New York state
7) Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
8) Leonard Lance, New Jersey

My thoughts are this.
Interesting that President Obama nominated congressman McHugh to become the Army secretary and, voila! He votes for the crap and trade bill.
Three of the eight are from New Jersey. And New Jersey Republicans wonder why they do not win senate seats or other statewide elections. Again, they fall under the rule that given the choice between "moderate" Republican and Democrat, voters will choose the real deal-the Democrat. Maybe these Three Stooges can win their gerrymandered congressional districts, but no where else in New Jersey.
Mark Kirk is an interesting one. Yes, he is running for the senate and should be a shoo-in for the one time Sen. Messiah Barack seat. I do not see this yes vote as a good thing for Mr. Kirk.
Mary Bono Mack, well she can thank the late Sonny Bono for her good fortune of being in congress. I hate to tell voters this, but Sonny Bono would have voted for this crap and trade bill as well. He had serious environmental concerns when he was in congress. But, Mrs. Mack is the most conservative of the bunch. I will forgive her for this bad vote because she is a misguided true believer in Globaloney Warming.
Leaving us Mike Castle of Delaware, the next senator. Delaware is not going to punish Mr. Castle for this vote. He is a pretty moderate to liberal Republican, but this vote is not a surprise. Kind of sort of typical. When he is elected to the senate next year, he will be the new Arlen Specter. In other words, watch out for this guy and how he votes.
House minority leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said it best according to The Hill:

"Hey, people deserve to know what's in this pile of s---."

Do not condone the language, but Mr. Boehner is right. I mean, congressman Henry Waxman can not dump a 300 page, not 300 line, but 300 page amendment at 3am on the day of the vote and expect not to be challenged. And, credit has to go to 44 Democrats that realize this is but a fantasy piece of legislation that will not do anything close to bring about so-called "green" jobs and help to to environment.
But, leave it to some Republicans to give the Democrats victory and a cover.
Hope and change, baby! Hope and change.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pop Star Michael Jackson Dies

Pop music superstar Michael Jackson has died here in Los Angeles at the age of 50.
Mr. Jackson apparently had a massive heart attack.
Say what you want about Mr. Jackson's, well weirdness, in the past few years, but he was the pop music superstar of the 1980s.
One thing is for sure.
Michael Jackson is the new Elvis.
By that, he will become larger than life in death.
Michael Jackson, Rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laurel And Hardy Want To Continue The Bad Housing Loan Problem

One has to give it to Congressmen Barney Frank (D-Mass) and Anthony Weiner (D-New York) for having the chutzpah to ask the beleaguered home-lending giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower their lending standards once again.
These two clowns, Laurel and Hardy, must be having trouble because it sounds like the people they are trying to help may just be their development supporters.
The two home-lending behemoths will not provide loans on condominiums in which less than 70% of the units have been sold. That is up from 51%.
It is a good thing that Fannie and Freddie have hiked the threshold. The fact that some developers over built and thus can not sell their properties are not the business of the government.
What Fannie and Freddie had done is to have serious potential buyers have to possibly lower their sights onto something that they can afford. In other words, maybe some condo buyers will not be able to move into the newest flavor of the month. They may have to settle for an older building. But, one in their range of ability to pay the monthly mortgage, taxes and the like.
It is the fact that Fannie and Freddie lowered the underwriting standards in the first place that has led to the housing debacle.
But, like a couple of dry drunks, Laurel and Hardy, er Messrs. Frank and Weiner are asking for one more try at the well.
Hopefully, Fannie and Freddie will tell these two clowns, no more. The well is dry. We are going to keep the high standards and make sure those that really want a potential condo will be underwritten for something that they can really afford.
When, oh when, will these clowns ever, ever learn?

More On The Gov. Sanford Saga

While I admit that I was dismissive of the now infamous MIA South Carolina Gov, Mark Sanford, I have had a lot to think about I want to share that with you.
First, this eloquent statement by the South Carolina First Lady, Jenny Sanford, is one of grace and wanting to save a marriage that has been put through the ringer. No fault of her own. Gov. Sanford is a grade-A, USDA Choice jerk. And, Mrs. Sanford is trying, to the best of her ability be the forgiver that Jesus Christ was. It is in the Gospel according to Matthew Jesus Christ himself says that one must be able to to forgive, forgive and forgive. Up to 77 times and then some. And, that is what Mrs. Sanford wants to do.
Secondly, I want to make clear that I think Gov. Sanford needs to resign as governor. One has to wonder what makes these politicians think that they can whore around and not get caught. I do believe that it does say something about Gov. Sanford's character. Also, the same goes for Nevada Republican senator, John Ensign. He too had to come clean about an affair. Both men should resign.
Our society today has treated the whole concept of marriage as nothing more than a moment in time. Oh, two people are in love, get married and after some time come to realize "What the hell have I done?!" Then there is no-fault divorce. And there is the push to legitimize same-sex marriage.
Marriage is very, very hard work. On the part of both the husband and wife. It is the ultimate commitment. And a 50-50 partnership. Even if I am the one that may make a final decision in a matter, I need to know that I have Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast's backing, 110 percent.
When one gets cozy with someone of the opposite sex, one needs to put strong, absolute parameters on relationships between the opposite sex and it is not one's spouse.
The Rev. Billy Graham set an amazing example. He never, ever was alone in the presence of another woman other than Mrs. Graham. Some people think that is not possible in this day, but it is something worthy and worth trying, especially for men with the power of the pulpit and or in the case, political power.
The fact is that through sheer idiocy this tale of marital infidelity on the part of Gov. Sanford has needlessly dragged his family through the mud. It is, after suicide, the supreme act of selfishness. Even though Gov. Sanford gave us some extra detail, it just was not necessary to do.
I hope that Gov. Sanford and Sen. Ensign do the right thing and resign. And work with their wives and children and heal their broken relationships.
As I noted, the American people are a forgiving people. And if one or both these men can do the right thing, they may get a second act in the public arena.

Is Gov. Mark Sanford's "Disappearance" A Real Story?

Even Better. It appears that Gov. Sanford is another in a long list of politicians that has been having an affair. And a long distance one at that. All I can write is what a moron! On the issues, Gov. Sanford is right on. But this affair scuttles all that he has stood for in terms of the issues.
Gov. Sanford has done the right thing and resigned as the chair of Republican governors. As far as resigning the governorship, he is finishing up the second term. Let him finish it up and slither off the stage for a while. Can he use this time to rehabilitate his tarnished image? Well, the American people are a forgiving one. So, if he is truly contrite and really working things out with his wife and family, I do not see a problem. After all, the people were very forgiving of one president by the name of Clinton.

Ok, I have to admit, there is a bit more to this story as it appears that Gov. Sanford was in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Now, I do not think the Appalachian Trail goes that far. But, in less than an hour, the governor will tell all, I hope. I still think that this is not much of a story in the grand scheme of things, but Gov. Sanford has to do a better job in coordination on such matters.

Is it me or does anyone get the "story" about the "disappearance" of the South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, this past weekend?
There appears to be a lot of speculation in this story in the Columbia newspaper, The State.
But I want to take a different take on this "story".
Can a governor not take time off and tell few people where he or she is? Of course he and she can and should. The reality is that someone, even more than someone, knew of Gov. Sanford's whereabouts.
Was there something nefarious going on? Who knows. And, unless there is something that blows up within the next 48 hours or less, this looks like a left-wing witch hunt.
Do we put so much on elected officials that we have to know everything about them? I am afraid that the answer is yes.
It is only a recent development and the reality is that this insatiable need to know everything about politicians is a direct result of the Watergate scandal and former president, Richard Nixon.
The fact is I wish more governors, mayors and assorted politicos would slither off out of sight the way that Gov. Sanford did. All the talk about some kind of disaster that could have befallen South Carolina and no one knew where the governor was is bull. Again, people knew where is was and if there was an absolute need to reach Gov. Sanford, he would have been reached.
Being governor is a full time job. Just like being the president. So, again, someone knew where Gov. Sanford was during his "disappearance".
We will hear the story from the governor sometime on Wednesday. And the story will go away, as it should. It is a non-story. Except that some in the DDBMSOWM want to make a story and discredit another conservative.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why I Am Embarassed Being A Californian

Here is a great take on this matter from Dennis Prager. Note that he makes the same point I do about disagreeing with Sen. Feinstein, but not being disagreeable. Read it and weep.

I know that I am late to this story, but I have been vacationing exploring the Southern United States with the rightviewfromtheleftcoast family.
One thing that we were embarrassed about was admitting we are from California. We did when asked, but very sheepishly. Much to our very pleasant surprise, no one mocked us from being from California. Except to remind us that our state is broke!
I doubt that most watched our junior senator, Barbara Boxer, in her "questioning" of a member of the armed forces, Brigadier General Michael Walsh of the army corps of engineers, when she just could not take being called "ma'am" and demanded to be referred to as "senator".
"Sen." Boxer told the general that she "worked hard" to earn the title senator.
Yes, she did.
What "Sen." Boxer did to become a senator was smear a great man, Bruce Herschenshon, who was her GOP opponent in her first campaign for the senate in 1992.
Now, Mr. Herschenshon was a foreign policy hawk and libertarian on social issues and a deficit hawk. In fact, he never discussed social issues in any great detail during the campaign. In the late stages of the campaign, in which Mr. Herschensohn was ahead in polling, photos of Mr. Herschenshon were leaked by the Boxer campaign. The photos showed Mr. Herschenshon going to and leaving a well-known strip club with a woman, the late astrologer Joyce Jillson. The leaker is the most despicable man in California Democrat politics, Bob Mullholland.
Needless to say, the smear worked and because of that, then congresswoman Boxer won the seat and has not lost since.
And, that has been a travesty for the people of California.
Every six years, the Boxer campaign is a Jannie-One Note. That "Sen." Boxer is pro-abortion. And that she will fight for unfettered access up to the ninth month for women to have abortions. That is her basic campaign ads. Nothing about any accomplishments. I mean, since she has worked so hard to be a senator as she told Brigadier General Walsh, she should be able to list a slew of accomplishments. But, "Sen." Boxer can not because there are none.
Now, our senior senator, Diane Feinstein, can put two sentences together and does work well with others. She is not so full of herself that she has to resort to stupidity that "Sen." Boxer does on a near daily basis.
There are many reasons for me to be embarrassed to be a Californian these days. And one of them is a buffoon named Barbara Boxer. I just hope that we, the California voters, retire "Sen." Boxer next year, once and for all. It will be one less reason to be embarrassed to be a Californian.

Another Obligatory Why Richard Nixon Was Bad For Conservatism Post

Some more of the President Richard Nixon tapes were released by the National Archives today and once again, it reveals why the 37th president was more than a stain on the Republican party and conservatism in general.
In this article is a nugget about how former President Nixon felt about the Roe vs. Wade decision that essentially made easy access to abortion the law of the land:

Nixon worried that greater access to abortions would foster “permissiveness,” and said that “it breaks the family.” But he also saw a need for abortion in some cases — like interracial pregnancies, he said.
“There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white,” he
told an aide, before adding, “Or a rape.”

How disgusting!
One wonders if former President Nixon meant to say if it was a rape between a black and a white. No matter, it stands on its own. That former President Nixon actually believed that a legitimate reason for an abortion would be because-THE HORROR!-an interracial baby may be the product of a full-term pregnancy.
I know that there are some people that feel that way today. They too are disgusting. They have no concept of the dignity of every human being, born and unborn.
So, former President Nixon was ambivalent on the subject. In reality, he did not care.
Later in the article, it is revealed that in a discussion with the Rev. Billy Graham, Rev. Graham tells the then president that he was upset at Jewish-American leaders leading opposition to evangelical Christianity. Here is some more wisdom from former President Nixon:

“What I really think is deep down in this country, there is a lot of anti-Semitism, and all this is going to do is stir it up,” Nixon said.
At another point he said: “It may be they have a death wish. You know that’s been the problem with our Jewish friends for centuries.”

Why the current Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, could not have said it better himself!
In defense of the Rev. Graham, he has admitted that his own anti-semitism was a sin and he has atoned for his disturbed view on Jews. There is no record of former President Nixon doing the same.
This is just one more reason that former President Nixon can not, nor should be, defended by conservatives.
The twisted, paranoid views of former President Nixon led him to make many bad decisions. And his governance only accented the paranoia.
In the linked article, it describes conversations with then White House aide Chuck Colson. Mr. Colson served prison time for his role in the Watergate scandal. But it was in prison that he became born again and discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I would be very curious to know how former President Nixon's view on the Roe vs. Wade decision makes him feel now. I can say it is revolting.
I know that The New York Times relishes in any case to bash Richard Nixon. But in this case, the revelation needs to come out. It needs to be digested by conservatives, some who have spent whole careers defending former President Nixon. I will never be in that category.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ahh, This Could Not Happen To A Better Guy

The openly gay gossip queen, Mario Lavanderia, Jr, AKA Perez Hilton, apparently took a beating from a member of the band Black Eyed Peas and, rather than fight back, filed a whinny police report.
Remember Mario? He is the one that asked the former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, her views on same-sex marriage. Miss Prejean did not answer the way Mario wanted and eventually Miss Prejean was fired by the Miss California people because she did not answer it politically correct.
Now, according to the linked article, band member apparently referred to Mario as a faggot. Then more verbal jabbing and POW! Right across the face of Mario! And, true to form with this cretin, WHA! WHA! Call the police! He called me a faggot!
Now, maybe Mario knows what it feels like to be pilloried by some one who does not like him and what he writes about on his gossip girl website. I do not condone what may have happened, but all this guy, Mario, had to do was stand up and fight back. But, no class begets no class.
Well, this alleged incident could not have happened to a better guy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today's Local Fishwrap Laughs

Ahh, back from vacation across the Southern United States and a cold slap of reality strikes as I read the Op-ed section of the Pasadena Star-News this morning.
The first laugh is today's column by unrepentant local socialist Hannah Naiditch.
Now, I often wondered why the Star-News gives her the time of day. Well, I suppose it is to give sane-thinking people a good laugh. It is to show a fossil that is Miss Naiditch.
Today's gem is titled "Socialism shouldn't be a taboo word".
Now, I actually agree with that. The reality is that the DDBMSOWM does not use that to describe many a member of the Democrat party. Many do not even note that Vermont Senator Bernie Saunders is a socialist. But, Sen. Saunders does caucus with the Democrat party in the senate. So, I guess he can not be a real socialist, right?
Anyway, Miss Naiditch does share my lament that socialism should not be a dirty word. She is one honest bird.
While laughing through this column of old grievances and canards, I think that is a highlight paragraph:

Norway's socialist Finance Minister, Kristin Halvorsen, long a free market skeptic, does not believe that the market can regulate itself. Norwegians work the fewest hours of all industrialized democracies and enjoy generous benefits and sick-leave policies. Their government is ready to help when needed. In Sweden, they have five weeks of mandated vacation, and the list goes on.

Yes, that is true. These nations also have two of the highest suicide rates in the world. They have the lowest religious people in the world. And, the lowest productivity because of the fact that they work the fewest hours and have "generous benefits and sick-leave policies".
But the gems from Miss Naiditch just keep coming:

In this country, some will argue that nothing is "free"; it is paid by our tax money, that "there is no free lunch." True, but some nations consider these benefits as basic human rights, while our constitution recognizes only one economic human right, and that is the right to property. No right to health care, to education or shelter, which are basic needs that must be met

Miss Naiditch, here is a little something for you. Without the right of property, there would not be a United States of America. It is property rights that differentiates us from the rest of the world. Would you not like to own your own house? Your own car? Your own appliances? Would you not like to have an opportunity to improve your own economic lot in life?
Miss Naiditch shows as she goes on that she really does not give a wit about that dated ol' constitution. Miss Naiditch cites the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the guiding light. Not the constitution of the United States. Read that and ask yourself this question. Since when can any government and or entity thereof guarantee any of the so-called rights? None. Especially what can and does make people happy.
I urge you to read Miss Naiditch because she is one fossil that keeps on ticking.
As the television pitcher's say, but wait there is more!
In today's Letters To The Editor (link unavailable)*, one Joanne Gram from Altadena says that taxes are not enough in California. She thinks that these should be a state surtax on every single transaction in order to fund the state properly.
Miss Gram cites the tax on gasoline as not enough. I can assure you that it is plenty, Miss Gram! Having just returned from a cross-country driving trip, we paid an average of 18c less on a gallon of gas. Oh, that 18c is what California charges on a gallon of regular unleaded. Throw in the fact that the gas provided for California drivers is different than the rest of the United States, and it also adds to the cost of a gallon.
Miss Gram says surtax now, work out the details later. Typical liberal hyperbole. And she does point out that a legitimate point that many businesses will just move out of California. But, Miss Gram says let 'em! Because we just can not run to another state to buy our food and gas.
So, to get it straight, Miss Gram writes that she is willing to pay a surtax on food and gas so that the state of California does not go bankrupt? I bet when that happens, Miss Gram will be the one leaving California.
Reading the Pasadena Star-News op-ed page today was a great laugh. Too bad that many people actually think the way of Miss Naiditch and Miss Gram.

*Will link the letter when it becomes available at the Star-News website.


In these times, it is easy to forget what is important. One of those important pillars of our society are fathers. And today is our day!
Yes, we are not perfect. We do make many, many mistakes. Even though a guy named Dr. Spock wrote a book that supposedly had the answers to raising children, it still is nowhere near enough.
Being a good father is handed down from generation to generation. Hopefully, the not so good aspects get thrown into a trash can. And the good aspects of being a father bloom like a spring-time rose.
I sometimes will point out to Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast that our parents must have thought that they where overwhelmed by what passed for the modern culture in their day. As we do today.
But, it is the skillfulness, the termidity to instill what we fathers understand to be a right way to be.
Always courteous. Open a door for anyone, especially a woman. Respectful of elders. Respectful to each other. That being involved in sports is a great metaphor of life. That there is nothing wrong with losing. But that you damn well play your best. No excuses. Take responsibility.
These are but a few ways we men must relate to our children.
I hope that I have been able to do that in some way with my stepson.
So, to all us dads out there, it is our day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Been On Vacation

For those that thought Right View From The Left Coast dropped off the face of the earth, I have not!
Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast, Scout the Wonder Dog and your humble blogger just returned from a three-week cross-country vacation.
We went from here in California and travelled throughout the Southwest and Southern United States.
The states we visited were:
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas again, New Mexico again, Arizona again and back here to Right View From The Left Coast headquarters in Pasadena, California.
There will be a lot on that this weekend.
Of course many major news stories occurred while we were on vacation.
But the most important is the situation in Iran as a near revolution is breaking out throughout the nation.
Of course there is the debate over socialized medicine. But the good news is that once again, it appears to be in trouble, much as it was in 1993 when the Clinton administration tried to secretly impose socialized medicine.
Much to write about the current events of the nation and the world.
But, this weekend will be for writing about an amazing journey throughout the United States and how truly blessed we are to live in this great land.