Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why I Am Embarassed Being A Californian

Here is a great take on this matter from Dennis Prager. Note that he makes the same point I do about disagreeing with Sen. Feinstein, but not being disagreeable. Read it and weep.

I know that I am late to this story, but I have been vacationing exploring the Southern United States with the rightviewfromtheleftcoast family.
One thing that we were embarrassed about was admitting we are from California. We did when asked, but very sheepishly. Much to our very pleasant surprise, no one mocked us from being from California. Except to remind us that our state is broke!
I doubt that most watched our junior senator, Barbara Boxer, in her "questioning" of a member of the armed forces, Brigadier General Michael Walsh of the army corps of engineers, when she just could not take being called "ma'am" and demanded to be referred to as "senator".
"Sen." Boxer told the general that she "worked hard" to earn the title senator.
Yes, she did.
What "Sen." Boxer did to become a senator was smear a great man, Bruce Herschenshon, who was her GOP opponent in her first campaign for the senate in 1992.
Now, Mr. Herschenshon was a foreign policy hawk and libertarian on social issues and a deficit hawk. In fact, he never discussed social issues in any great detail during the campaign. In the late stages of the campaign, in which Mr. Herschensohn was ahead in polling, photos of Mr. Herschenshon were leaked by the Boxer campaign. The photos showed Mr. Herschenshon going to and leaving a well-known strip club with a woman, the late astrologer Joyce Jillson. The leaker is the most despicable man in California Democrat politics, Bob Mullholland.
Needless to say, the smear worked and because of that, then congresswoman Boxer won the seat and has not lost since.
And, that has been a travesty for the people of California.
Every six years, the Boxer campaign is a Jannie-One Note. That "Sen." Boxer is pro-abortion. And that she will fight for unfettered access up to the ninth month for women to have abortions. That is her basic campaign ads. Nothing about any accomplishments. I mean, since she has worked so hard to be a senator as she told Brigadier General Walsh, she should be able to list a slew of accomplishments. But, "Sen." Boxer can not because there are none.
Now, our senior senator, Diane Feinstein, can put two sentences together and does work well with others. She is not so full of herself that she has to resort to stupidity that "Sen." Boxer does on a near daily basis.
There are many reasons for me to be embarrassed to be a Californian these days. And one of them is a buffoon named Barbara Boxer. I just hope that we, the California voters, retire "Sen." Boxer next year, once and for all. It will be one less reason to be embarrassed to be a Californian.

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