Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surprise! President Obama Supports Central American Leftist Trying To Hold On To Power

No, my friends, it is not our friend in Venezuela, "President" Hugo Chavez.
Of course not the people finally trying to regain freedom and dignity in Red Cuba.
It is the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, as he was to proceed today a national referendum that would, in effect, extend his constitutionally mandated one term into a possible second term.
Now, some will say, what is wrong with trying to change the constitution.
Nothing except that there are certain parts of the Honduras constitution that are not up for any changes. And one of them is the term of a president. And, the supreme court of Honduras declared the vote was unconstitutional. So did the attorney general.
Of course the left-wing governments that now dominate Central and South America all issued the usual statements contemning the action by the the armed forces that ended this clear constitutional breach.
"President" Piggy, aka Chavez, of Venezuela is putting his armed forces on alert and threatening to change the current situation.
But none other than our leader, President Obama, came out in favor of a leftist trying to cling to power.
Read this gem from the Dear Leader:

"I call on all political and social actors in Honduras to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the Inter-American Democratic Charter."

Political and social actors? Is this guy kidding? Does President Obama think that this is some Poli Sci class back in Occidental College?
And as far as the rule of law, it is the former president, Sr. Zelaya, that was flaunting the rule of law. By going ahead with a vote to change the national constitution that was deemed illegal by the attorney general and the supreme court, Sr. Zelaya was flaunting the law. Even his successor, Roberto Micheleti, opposed the president's move. And, Sr. Micheleti is a member of Sr. Zelaya's political party, the Liberal party.
No, the Honduran armed forces did the right thing. Former president Zelaya was going to plunge the nation into crisis for the simple aim of trying to extend his term.
Now the Honduran armed forces must do all that it can to end its involvement as quickly as possible and let President Micheliti carry out the remainder of this presidential term.
I wonder if "President" Piggy does carry out his threat to interfere in the domestic affairs of Honduras by force. Will President Obama still be referring to "Political and social actors?"

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