Sunday, June 21, 2009


In these times, it is easy to forget what is important. One of those important pillars of our society are fathers. And today is our day!
Yes, we are not perfect. We do make many, many mistakes. Even though a guy named Dr. Spock wrote a book that supposedly had the answers to raising children, it still is nowhere near enough.
Being a good father is handed down from generation to generation. Hopefully, the not so good aspects get thrown into a trash can. And the good aspects of being a father bloom like a spring-time rose.
I sometimes will point out to Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast that our parents must have thought that they where overwhelmed by what passed for the modern culture in their day. As we do today.
But, it is the skillfulness, the termidity to instill what we fathers understand to be a right way to be.
Always courteous. Open a door for anyone, especially a woman. Respectful of elders. Respectful to each other. That being involved in sports is a great metaphor of life. That there is nothing wrong with losing. But that you damn well play your best. No excuses. Take responsibility.
These are but a few ways we men must relate to our children.
I hope that I have been able to do that in some way with my stepson.
So, to all us dads out there, it is our day!

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