Monday, June 29, 2009

President Obama Show His Leftist Cards

It is funny that President Obama is openly showing his left-leaning cards in regards to the situations in Honduras and Iran.
Start with Honduras first.
It is obvious that the now former president, Mel Zelaya, was trying to seize power in pushing a vote on his own presidential term. The plan to carry out the national referendum was in the face of the supreme court ruling that the way Sr. Zelaya was carrying out the vote was unconstitutional. The decision was supported by the attorney general, congress and members of Sr. Zelaya's own Liberal party. Does it not bother the president that the ballots that were going to be used to carry out the illegal vote were from "President" Piggy's Venezuela? Note that according to the linked article, it was the former president himself that led a mob that broke into a military installation that housed the ballots and decided to distribute the ballots himself.
Here is a clue.
When one acts against the supreme court, congress, and the military, it is an act of insurrection. Even if it is led by the president himself.
Somehow, while the rule of law is being carried out in Honduras, President Obama and his minions are supporting the crack-pot Sr. Zelaya against the people.
But, it is not only in Honduras that our commander-in-chief shows that he will not support the people but the powers to be.
While thousands of brave Iranians are showing their righteous disgust with the Shia Islamic regime in Tehran, President Obama might as well be blaming the people themselves. We hear and read how the president says that he can not interfere with the government and that the situation will be handled by the Iranian people.
Really? Sure!
The Iranian people are trying to do just that. The people are smarter than the elites, whether they be in Tehran or Washington.
The people realize that they were snowed when within three hours, the winner of the presidential "election" was declared.
And shocka of all shockas, the incumbent Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was declared the winner. Not just the the winner, but by a landslide. Why even the closest opponent, Mir Hossein Mousavi, lost his hometown by strikingly similar numbers as the rest of the nation, 65-31%.
Now, I am no expert in rigging elections. But, I think that one makes the results in the opponents home area a lot closer than the Iranians did.
And, no question Mr. Mousavi would not be a really great choice, but it is the blatant robbing of the people that occurred. And the ferocity that the fanatics ruining Iran, led by Ayatollah Kathemi, had in response to the people asking, to be blunt, WTF?!
And where is our Dear Leader on this?
Why, not supporting the people. He is walking on eggshells to not upset the dictators of Tehran who really do not believe in any kind of democracy, Islamic or anything else.
It should show the American people that it truly is the world turned upside down. The United States has always supported democracy and those that yearn for freedom. Sometimes, there was a price to be paid standing for those yearning to be free.
But, under this president, Barack Obama, we stand on the side of tyrants and wannabe dictators in the case of Iran and Honduras.
I can only hope that President Obama and his minions do not do any more serious harm to the interests of the United States in the remainder of this term. No matter what, it will be a lot for his successor to mop up.

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