Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Gov. Mark Sanford's "Disappearance" A Real Story?

Even Better. It appears that Gov. Sanford is another in a long list of politicians that has been having an affair. And a long distance one at that. All I can write is what a moron! On the issues, Gov. Sanford is right on. But this affair scuttles all that he has stood for in terms of the issues.
Gov. Sanford has done the right thing and resigned as the chair of Republican governors. As far as resigning the governorship, he is finishing up the second term. Let him finish it up and slither off the stage for a while. Can he use this time to rehabilitate his tarnished image? Well, the American people are a forgiving one. So, if he is truly contrite and really working things out with his wife and family, I do not see a problem. After all, the people were very forgiving of one president by the name of Clinton.

Ok, I have to admit, there is a bit more to this story as it appears that Gov. Sanford was in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Now, I do not think the Appalachian Trail goes that far. But, in less than an hour, the governor will tell all, I hope. I still think that this is not much of a story in the grand scheme of things, but Gov. Sanford has to do a better job in coordination on such matters.

Is it me or does anyone get the "story" about the "disappearance" of the South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, this past weekend?
There appears to be a lot of speculation in this story in the Columbia newspaper, The State.
But I want to take a different take on this "story".
Can a governor not take time off and tell few people where he or she is? Of course he and she can and should. The reality is that someone, even more than someone, knew of Gov. Sanford's whereabouts.
Was there something nefarious going on? Who knows. And, unless there is something that blows up within the next 48 hours or less, this looks like a left-wing witch hunt.
Do we put so much on elected officials that we have to know everything about them? I am afraid that the answer is yes.
It is only a recent development and the reality is that this insatiable need to know everything about politicians is a direct result of the Watergate scandal and former president, Richard Nixon.
The fact is I wish more governors, mayors and assorted politicos would slither off out of sight the way that Gov. Sanford did. All the talk about some kind of disaster that could have befallen South Carolina and no one knew where the governor was is bull. Again, people knew where is was and if there was an absolute need to reach Gov. Sanford, he would have been reached.
Being governor is a full time job. Just like being the president. So, again, someone knew where Gov. Sanford was during his "disappearance".
We will hear the story from the governor sometime on Wednesday. And the story will go away, as it should. It is a non-story. Except that some in the DDBMSOWM want to make a story and discredit another conservative.


Anonymous said...

Come on. Don't defend this guy. Something doesn't smell right here and you know it. Sanford doesn't even tell his wife where he is??? He doesn't even call them on Father's Day?? This IS a story because Sanford's name has been bandied about as a possible GOP Presidential candidate. FLUSH. I don't think so, Mark.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I laughed at your comment on my blog. Yes, we should make it our mission to piss off RightWingSnarkle on a daily basis!