Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crap And Trade And Eight Bad Republicans

I have now been back from vacation over a week and still find it hard to get back in the swing of things. Not that there is not a lot out there. Just trying to find something worth the time of writing a post.
Well, the Friday vote on the so-called climate-change energy bill, also known as crap and trade, er, cap and trade, is a lesson that it does not take much to change the minds of just enough Republican congressmen to pass very, very bad legislation.
The bad eight are as follows:

1) Chris Smith, New Jersey
2) Dave Reichert, Washington state
3) Mary Bono Mack, California
4) Mike Castle, Delaware
5) Mark Kirk, Illinois
6) John McHugh, New York state
7) Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
8) Leonard Lance, New Jersey

My thoughts are this.
Interesting that President Obama nominated congressman McHugh to become the Army secretary and, voila! He votes for the crap and trade bill.
Three of the eight are from New Jersey. And New Jersey Republicans wonder why they do not win senate seats or other statewide elections. Again, they fall under the rule that given the choice between "moderate" Republican and Democrat, voters will choose the real deal-the Democrat. Maybe these Three Stooges can win their gerrymandered congressional districts, but no where else in New Jersey.
Mark Kirk is an interesting one. Yes, he is running for the senate and should be a shoo-in for the one time Sen. Messiah Barack seat. I do not see this yes vote as a good thing for Mr. Kirk.
Mary Bono Mack, well she can thank the late Sonny Bono for her good fortune of being in congress. I hate to tell voters this, but Sonny Bono would have voted for this crap and trade bill as well. He had serious environmental concerns when he was in congress. But, Mrs. Mack is the most conservative of the bunch. I will forgive her for this bad vote because she is a misguided true believer in Globaloney Warming.
Leaving us Mike Castle of Delaware, the next senator. Delaware is not going to punish Mr. Castle for this vote. He is a pretty moderate to liberal Republican, but this vote is not a surprise. Kind of sort of typical. When he is elected to the senate next year, he will be the new Arlen Specter. In other words, watch out for this guy and how he votes.
House minority leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said it best according to The Hill:

"Hey, people deserve to know what's in this pile of s---."

Do not condone the language, but Mr. Boehner is right. I mean, congressman Henry Waxman can not dump a 300 page, not 300 line, but 300 page amendment at 3am on the day of the vote and expect not to be challenged. And, credit has to go to 44 Democrats that realize this is but a fantasy piece of legislation that will not do anything close to bring about so-called "green" jobs and help to to environment.
But, leave it to some Republicans to give the Democrats victory and a cover.
Hope and change, baby! Hope and change.

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