Monday, June 29, 2009

Breitbart Gets It

POW! A KO from Andrew Breitbart in regards to the latest matter with America's favorite Gossip Girl, Mario Lavanderia, Jr, aka Perez Hilton.
Now, I think that one can be for same-sex marriage and be respectful towards those of us that want to keep traditional marriage.
But, Mr. Lavanderia is not one of those people.
You see, he used his sleaziness to eventually force Miss California, Carrie Prejean, to be deposed as Miss California.
Remember, Miss Prejean's sin was to be honest in her view on same-sex marriage. She is against it. As is none other than President Obama himself. So he says. Same position of Vice-President Biden. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. But, no, Miss Prejean is the real threat to the Lavanderia agenda.
It does have to do with the latest Gossip Girl dust up.
You see, Mr Lavanderia is apparently not a big Black Eyed Peas fan. The band, not the vegetable. Ah, all right, maybe the veggie too. And he really does not like Well, I do not know enough to like or dislike. But, Mr Lavanderia called a faggot.
What? A faggot? I am confused. Is that not an anti-gay slur? And, in not Mr. Lavanderia himself, well, a faggot?
Well, and his manager, Polo Molina had enough. And Mr. Molina finally let Mr. Lavanderia have it. POW! Right in the kisser.
Of course Mr. Lavanderia went home, propped his camera on his website and proceeded to whine and cry. A pathetic display from a loathsome person.
Remember, Mr. Lavanderia's whole "profession" is to seek the worst in people. It is to detail all about those that are famous and or infamous. And any detail that is seedy and tawdry will do. Why for Mr. Lavanderia, the seedier and tawdrier will do.
The fact is that celebrities are afraid of this walking douche bag. They do not want to get on ol' Mario's bad side. Then he will get on their bad side, if you know what I mean. And one way to keep on the Gossip Girl's good side is to be publicly all for same-sex marriage. Even if that may not be the way any given celebrity feels on this very front and center social issue.
But now, thanks to one Polo Molina, the tide may be turning. People are taking the Black Eyed Peas side in this dispute. And maybe opening their eyes to the brat that Mr. Lavanderia is. And Mr. Breitbart gives us this little nugget:

Mr. Lavandeira has used his sexual orientation as a shield to deflect criticism.

That is why so many had allied themselves with Mr. Lavanderia in his quest to drive Carrie Prejean off the stage. Fear and loathing.
People have to speak out against Mr. Lavanderia and the dirty website he operates. It is awful that it has taken a punch across Mr. Lavanderia's kisser, but it looks like it could be a starting point for those most affected by Mr. Lavanderia's sleaze to tell him to buzz off. And to stop scaring them into going along with his despicable antics to those that he does not like.
Andrew Breitbart gets it. Time for the rest of the celebrity world to get it too.

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DoorHold said...

"Mr. Breitbart gives us this little nugget:

Mr. Lavandeira has used his sexual orientation as a shield to deflect criticism.


That's pretty much the rule of the land with ANY minority, isn't it?