Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More On The Gov. Sanford Saga

While I admit that I was dismissive of the now infamous MIA South Carolina Gov, Mark Sanford, I have had a lot to think about I want to share that with you.
First, this eloquent statement by the South Carolina First Lady, Jenny Sanford, is one of grace and wanting to save a marriage that has been put through the ringer. No fault of her own. Gov. Sanford is a grade-A, USDA Choice jerk. And, Mrs. Sanford is trying, to the best of her ability be the forgiver that Jesus Christ was. It is in the Gospel according to Matthew Jesus Christ himself says that one must be able to to forgive, forgive and forgive. Up to 77 times and then some. And, that is what Mrs. Sanford wants to do.
Secondly, I want to make clear that I think Gov. Sanford needs to resign as governor. One has to wonder what makes these politicians think that they can whore around and not get caught. I do believe that it does say something about Gov. Sanford's character. Also, the same goes for Nevada Republican senator, John Ensign. He too had to come clean about an affair. Both men should resign.
Our society today has treated the whole concept of marriage as nothing more than a moment in time. Oh, two people are in love, get married and after some time come to realize "What the hell have I done?!" Then there is no-fault divorce. And there is the push to legitimize same-sex marriage.
Marriage is very, very hard work. On the part of both the husband and wife. It is the ultimate commitment. And a 50-50 partnership. Even if I am the one that may make a final decision in a matter, I need to know that I have Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast's backing, 110 percent.
When one gets cozy with someone of the opposite sex, one needs to put strong, absolute parameters on relationships between the opposite sex and it is not one's spouse.
The Rev. Billy Graham set an amazing example. He never, ever was alone in the presence of another woman other than Mrs. Graham. Some people think that is not possible in this day, but it is something worthy and worth trying, especially for men with the power of the pulpit and or in the case, political power.
The fact is that through sheer idiocy this tale of marital infidelity on the part of Gov. Sanford has needlessly dragged his family through the mud. It is, after suicide, the supreme act of selfishness. Even though Gov. Sanford gave us some extra detail, it just was not necessary to do.
I hope that Gov. Sanford and Sen. Ensign do the right thing and resign. And work with their wives and children and heal their broken relationships.
As I noted, the American people are a forgiving people. And if one or both these men can do the right thing, they may get a second act in the public arena.

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