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The Hard Truths About Sen. Edward Kennedy

Wow! It appears that the late Sen. Kennedy had a real sense of humor about the shenanigans of the fateful night in July, 1969 at Chappaquiddick. Upon this nice revelation, I will revise my remark on where Edward Moore Kennedy is now. The bastard of the senate should be enjoying some fire at this moment. The fact that there was anything but true remorse and shame for what he did is a sign that for 46 years, there was a sociaopath in the senate. Not a bastion of "moral clarity". Closing question. Had this been revealed while Toastmaster Ted where still alive and at the height of his tenure in the senate, would he have done something honorable, like resign?

Yes, a torch has been doused as Sen. Edward Moore "Teddy" Kennedy died late Tuesday night and the dream of a "Camelot" went with him off to the glory.
But, the reality is that Sen. Kennedy was not so much the "Liberal Lion of the senate" as a really flawed man that was damned lucky to be born in the Kennedy clan of Massachusetts. And not in some blue-collar family in South Boston that he claimed to represent in his mind-boggling 46 year senate stranglehold.
Oh, note that the seat Sen. Kennedy won in 1962 was the same seat occupied by his older brother, President John F. Kennedy. This seat may finally go to some one other than a Kennedy for the first time since 1952, an even more mind-boggling 56 years.
The famed Boston Herald columnist, Howie Carr, gives some of his insight on Sen. Kennedy.
One that stuck out in my mind is how Sen. Kennedy went from being a pro-life Dem to pro-abortion Dem.
From Mr. Carr's column:

Here was his take on abortion in 1971: “Wanted or unwanted, I believe that human life, even at its earliest stages, has certain rights which must be recognized - the right to be born, the right to love, the right to grow old.”

Yet the longer Sen. Kennedy hung around the senate like a bad piece of Limburger cheese, his views on abortion "evolved" and he became one of the strongest advocates for unfettered access to abortion on demand.
And the issue that his fellow Democrats want to force on the American people, socialized medicine, Sen. Kennedy was given a gift from that eeevvviiilll "conservative" Republican, Richard M. Nixon. Mr. Nixon wanted to pass legislation to nationalize health care. Sen. Kennedy could have been the leading advocate. To vote on and implement nationalized medicine. But, Sen. Kennedy fought it instead. Now, Sen. Kennedy is off to the Glory and the chances of socialized medicine may be going right with him.
I referred to his fortunate status in life. It came in handy in 1969.
Yes, you know what I am writing about.
The fateful event at Chappaquiddick that derailed Sen. Kennedy's chances of ever, ever becoming president of the United States.
On July 18, 1969, Sen. Kennedy was attending a party on Chappaquiddick island with a group of women known as the Boiler Room Girls, volunteers for the presidential campaign of Sen. Kennedy's late brother, Robert Kennedy. One of the attendees was Mary Jo Kopechne. According to Sen. Kennedy, she wanted to leave and go back to her hotel. And Sen. Kennedy, chivalrous man he was, offered to take her back to the hotel. Well, Sen. Kennedy took a wrong turn in his Oldsmobile and ended up off the bridge and in a tidal basin. And, Sen. Kennedy had enough wherewithal to save himself. Too bad he did not care to remember to try to save his passenger, Miss Kopechne. She ended up drowning. And the penalty Sen. Kennedy got? A suspended driver's licence. A great piece by Cliff Thier at The American Thinker really tells the story of the sorry events of that fateful night of July, 1969.
And let us not forget that Sen. Kennedy was kind of a hooligan before he got started in politics. How many knew that Teddy Kennedy got kicked out of Harvard? And why you may ask? Why for having another student take a Spanish test for him. The so-called dummy, former President George W. Bush was never kicked out of any school he went to. And when it came time for service in the Korean War, Teddy Kennedy was, well stateside. It paid to have connections.
But worse of all is the fact that this man spent more than half of his life as a member of the United States senate. That the political power was so much more important to him that he did not resign when diagnosed with the inoperable brain tumor. That the people of Massachusetts could not vote on a successor sooner than now. And it may not happen.
It should be noted that Sen. Kennedy, exerting undue influence, got the home state legislature to take the power of appointing a successor away from the governor. Who was the governor in 2004? Mitt Romney, a Republican. Who was the Democrat nominee for president? Sen John Kerry (D-MASS.). Had Sen. Kerry been elected president, heaven forbid, then Gov. Romney would have appointed a successor. And, HORROR OF HORROR! Gov. Romney would have appointed a. . .REPUBLICAN!
In the twilight of his life, Sen. Kennedy but two weeks ago wrote a letter to Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts legislature to change the law back to give the governor the power to appoint his successor. It is OK now. Because Gov. Patrick is a DEMOCRAT.
To the end, Sen. Kennedy was most interested in political power and how to preserve it.
And, I believe that Sen. Teddy Kennedy lived a tortured life because of who he was.
Now, may he rest in peace in the hands of God.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super News In New Jersey

The chair of the New Jersey Republican party, Jay Webber, must be smiling as not only does the Republican candidate for governor, Chris Christie, look like a shoe-in, but the Republicans may have a real shot at gaining the lower House of the New Jersey legislature.
According to Mr. Campaign Spot, the Republicans lead in the generic ballot, the Republicans have a two-point advantage, 45% to 43%. Now, no doubt that is in the margin of error. But, in generic ballots the Republicans usually are behind to the end. But if they are in the margin of error, they can pull off a win.
If the Republicans gain not just the governor's mansion but a House of the New Jersey legislature, it is spectacular news for the national GOP.
New Jersey is as blue and bad as California. If the GOP can score big wins in such a state, it means that the trend in 2010 will be with the GOP.
Let us not forget the race for governor in Virginia. Attorney general Bob McDonnell is leading Democrat Craig Deeds by double-digits.
Now, 2010 maybe some real hope and change. And leading the way maybe the New Jersey Republicans.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten Bucks For Tark

OK, I admit, radio talker Hugh Hewitt asked us bloggers to help in this effort to get some cash in the coffers of Sen. Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) only announced Republican opponent, Danny Tarkanian. And here is my attempt to help.
Yes, Danny is the son of legendary UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian. And he has been able to make his own way.
If everyone reading this blog, going to Hugh Hewitt's website or reads any other blog or conservative outlet forks out ten bucks to help the Tark and send a message to Sen. Reid, maybe, just maybe he will put a stop to the train wreck that will be socialized medicine.
Imagine if 100,000 people forked out the ten bucks, that would give the Tarkanian campaign $1,000,000. And from all over the United States. And Danny Tarkanian will need all the help that he can get. He will be up against not just Sen. Reid but the might of the Democrat party.
To make your doling out ten bucks a little easier, this poll suggests that Danny Tarkanian has an excellent shot at taking out the senate Majority leader. And that maybe a great thing because I am not all certain Sen. Reid would be a good minority leader.
There. Give ten bucks now. Give Danny Tarkanian a big boost and a scare in the "heart" of Sen. Reid.

There Are Really People Who Believe That Anti-Health Care "Reform" Protesters Are Being Paid

Two weekends ago, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast went on a weekend trip with a couple of her friends that we both know.
I like both of Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast's friends.
But, one is a caricature of the liberal mind. And worse, she is a public school educator.
This past weekend, we were together with other friends and it came up in a matter-of-fact way that this mutual friend of ours actually asked Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast if I, your humble blogger, was paid to attend the recent Congressman Adam Schifftacular town hall meeting I commented on.
Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast wondered, paid by who? Well, of course the eeevvviiillll health insurance companies. After laughing, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast told her of course not.
And, let me write here and now.
I, Right View From The Left Coast, Mark J. Goluskin, have never been paid by anyone, any group, any business, to write and or participate in anything regarding my views on the so-called health care "reform" being pursued by President Obama and his allies.
Now, I have read, and heard about this theme being ramped up against those of us who believe that what the president and allies are advocating are somehow being paid off by the eeevvviiilll health insurance companies.
But, I did not know that someone pretty close so believed it.
And that is a tragedy.
That someone who is so close to our children actually thinks that we just are being ginned up and paid off to show up at these town halls.
Let me write that I wish someone would throw some cash my way. It would not change what I believe on this topic. I think that if we do not stop this, the United States will be a bankrupt, Banana Republic. But yes, I would take the cash.
Back on point.
We who are conservatives are not professional protesters. We do not have the time and or inclination to usually get so involved in such issues. But, sometimes there is an issue, or a set of issues that get many of us riled up. And, so-called health care "reform", "Cash For Clunkers", so-called economic "stimulus", bailing out big banks that got themselves in a mess, these issues do have us riled up and in fact mad as hell.
That is why so many Americans took part in the Tea Party rallies held this past Tax Day, April 15. And that is why so many Americans are taking advantage of these town hall meetings to make their feelings known. And sometimes it does get carried away. And yes, some kooks try to horn in with their own warped agendas. That is for the Democrat Lyndon LaRouchies. But, to actually think that we are getting our marching orders from, oh say Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, or some other private health care provider is absolutely ludicrous. And worse, that as we get the marching orders, we are having some cash thrown our way is as well ludicrous.
Today, Gateway Pundit shows what real astroturf is. Now, my question is this. Does Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast's friend think that these groups and people are really "grassroots"? These are groups that the only reason for their being is to agitate. These groups find a problem under a rock and, BAM! they are there like white on rice. Bees to honey. Well, you get it.
This, my friends, is what we are up against. People that want to use Orwellian tactics to drag us down. I am here to write that this makes me absolutely more determined to write and be as active as I can to see that this usurping of one-sixth the private economy does not happen. And to buck you up as well. This will not end with the town halls. The proponents of so-called health care "reform" are just getting warmed up.
We can not let people like this friend of Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast believe that somehow, we are just mindless dolts taking the orders and the payoffs. We have to be willing to educate people like this why we believe the way we do. It will be mind-numbing for some people. But, it is necessary. For there maybe one of these people that will take a second look and come to realize that maybe we are right. And, we will not have to slip them a $50 to bring them along.
We have to take a page out of the Team Obama "Rules For Radicals" book and organize as we are doing and continue the fight. And realize that some people we know and love need not to be bullied but educated. It is how we will push back this power grab by the most left-wing presidency and congress in my lifetime. And most of yours.
Just realize that there are many people that really believe we are being paid off to take our time to attend town halls. Write our congressmen. Study all sides of the issue.
And the ones we have to reach out to the most are those that really believe we, the citizens, are being bankrolled by the eeevvviiilll insurance companies.

Monday, August 24, 2009


This little piece by Foud Ajami in today's Wall Street Journal is worth a read.
It is a smack right into the gut of our president, Barack Obama.
But the money lines are these:

In one of the revealing moments of the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama rightly observed that the Reagan presidency was a transformational presidency in a way Clinton's wasn't. And by that Reagan precedent, that Reagan standard, the faults of the Obama presidency are laid bare. Ronald Reagan, it should be recalled, had been swept into office by a wave of dissatisfaction with Jimmy Carter and his failures. At the core of the Reagan mission was the recovery of the nation's esteem and self-regard. Reagan was an optimist. He was Hollywood glamour to be sure, but he was also Peoria, Ill. His faith in the country was boundless, and when he said it was "morning in America" he meant it; he believed in America's miracle and had seen it in his own life, in his rise from a child of the Depression to the summit of political power.
The failure of the Carter years was, in Reagan's view, the failure of the man at the helm and the policies he had pursued at home and abroad. At no time had Ronald Reagan believed that the American covenant had failed, that America should apologize for itself in the world beyond its shores. There was no narcissism in Reagan. It was stirring that the man who headed into the sunset of his life would bid his country farewell by reminding it that its best days were yet to come.
In contrast, there is joylessness in Mr. Obama. He is a scold, the "Yes we can!" mantra is shallow, and at any rate, it is about the coming to power of a man, and a political class, invested in its own sense of smarts and wisdom, and its right to alter the social contract of the land. In this view, the country had lost its way and the new leader and the political class arrayed around him
will bring it back to the right path.

And when the next Republican presidential candidate comes to be nominated in 2012, he or she may want to read this piece.
For you see, it is about optimism. It is about letting people dream their dreams, reach their aspirations. That is why Ronald Wilson Reagan won not one, but two terms by landslide numbers. And, unlike the current commander-in-chief, Mr. Reagan did not have a cheerleading media. He did not have support of the intelligentsia. Nor the movie industry from whence he came. No, what Ronald Reagan had was the support of the American people.
What will the Barack Obama allies have to say if he is defeated for reelection in 2012? The cry of the day. Racism! Racism! That is all we can say! If you ain't on board, you are nothing but a racist!
Well, read the whole thing. It is devastating!

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The Waste Of Time WNBA And Other Pointless Sports

If you are a woman and easily offended, do not read the first part of this post. It involves the Women's National Basketball Association primarily. But it is the forcing of women's sports in general. If you are a woman, or a man, and are tired of soccer, skip this part.

Well, your humble blogger forgot to let you know the teams in the Women's Professional Soccer Championship. It was played today here in Los Angeles. And it was between the Los Angeles Sol and FC Sky Blue (aka, New Jersey). And the winner was. . .ahh, I will link that for you!

Finally, someone who actually writes about sports has said what I have thought for, oh about ten years. And it is not politically correct. But, Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register says it about the WNBA. Here it is:

When is the NBA going to concede the league it helps bankroll is a losing proposition? Very few sports fan care.

Can I have an AMEN, brother!
Mr. Youngman is correct. But, those in the NBA, and even the very sports page Mr. Youngman writes for continues to push this losing proposition on a public that has been trying desperately to tell the powers to be this.
But, this is just part of the mainstream sports media trying to make sports fans care about women in sports.
The federal government is making sure that universities and colleges have equal participation of woman and men in sports. What it has led to is universities and colleges scrapping low-end men's athletics, say like wrestling, to make room for having an equal amount of women participating in intercollegiate sports.
And mystically, no one in fandom seems to care.
If that is not enough, a men's successful pro league keeping a women's league on life support, somehow there is the thought that there should be a women's pro soccer league.
Now we are treated to stories about the Women's Professional Soccer. And if you can not wait, there is the championship game this Saturday. Quick, which teams are in the championship? Answer at the end of this post.
The local side is the Los Angeles Sol. To accentuate my point, not once did the Sol sellout the 25,000 seat Home Depot Center in Carson, California. They had an opening game high attendance of 14,832. The lowest was 3,832.
Proving the point. Sports fans, men and yes, women, do not care about women's sports in the same way. Even with a push by sports sections, writers and television networks, no one cares.
And speaking of soccer, when are the same people going to get a clue about soccer in the United States?
Hint here. Just like women's sports, sports fans just do not like soccer. Even after a 40 year push, soccer is at a level worse than the old six-team National Hockey League.
The stadiums that are being built now for teams, including the aforementioned Home Depot Center, are 30,000 seaters or less. It is a concession that PEOPLE JUST DO NOT CARE ABOUT SOCCER TO ATTEND GAMES!
When I was younger, I admit that I liked soccer. I still have a liking to soccer. But, it is way, way down on the list of what I pay attention to in following sports. And I really, really believe that is how most people feel about soccer.
Yet, the aforementioned media keeps shoving soccer down our collective throats.
Sports fans, and non-sports fans, we just have to keep ignoring these attempts to force us to like sports we do not care about. Keep not going to WNBA games. Keep not going to WPS games. And keep not going to MLS games. These sports need to be put out of their misery.

Can Liberals Just Have Fun?

Before I write what I am going to regarding whether or not liberals can just have a good time or not, I want to be clear about the target of this post.
I am certain that the high schooler in question, Josephine Kinney, is a nice young lady who means well.
But what she is promoting, a "green" prom is just, well ridiculous and making this blogger wonder this.
Can liberals just have fun? Or does everything have to have some meaning? Some social context?
Young Miss Kinney is the chair of her high school prom at Marshall Fundamental High School here in Pasadena, California.
And she is making the most of it by promoting a favorite theme of hers.
I'm sorry, Miss Kinney, but it is what I will write.
Environmentalist Whackiness.
Instead of having a prom in which high school students can go, have a good time, Miss Kinney is going to force her personnel agenda down their throats.
And, sadly, she is not alone.
Miss Kinney enlisted the help of her friend and student body president, Veronica Ota, to promote her vision of a "green" prom.
Here is a direct quote from Miss Ota:

"I think by incorporating something really fun like prom and putting a green spin on it, it would do justice to our efforts of being environmentally friendly."

A green spin? On a high school prom?!
I must write this disclaimer.
I never attended a prom when I attended Schurr High School in Montebello, California, many a moon ago. It was not my thing. I did not get the point what seemed like then spending a lot of money to rent a tux, rent a limo, go to a hotel and do something I still do not do. Dance.
The point is, I am not bitter about never attending a prom. I know many who have and they really loved it. And the stress of doing the above things was more than enough.
So, while pursuing an agenda, these young girls are not even thinking about the stress this adds to many who are not environmentally aware. Or, I am sure worse in these girls eyes, non-believers in the cult of Globaloney Warming.
Here is some of the approaches our young girls are trying to impart on their fellow students.

1) Collecting recycled materials for decorations.
2) Hiring a local organic caterer.
3) Considering holding a drive in which prom attendees can donate items that could be used as party favors as a way to get people involved.
4) Advising prom attendees to carpool.
5) Advising the purchase of sustainable products and clothing for the festivities.

Good Lord! Is this supposed to be a prom or a pity party for the Mother Earth?
Here are a few things that I would like to advise our young friends about their little politically correct checklist.
On the first count, there is no problem with using recycled materials for decorations. The free market that I am sure these gals have no concept of is heavily involved in promoting and selling such items.
Secondly, an organic caterer? Please! Recently, a study basically said that there is no difference in organic food vs. non-organic foods. Essentially, once again, the free market has found a niche, promoted the perceived benefits of organic foods, charged an arm and a leg (a $48,000,000,000 a year industry!) and taken such people for a good ride.
Third point. Again, I do not think it is all that bad of an idea for the students to be more involved and I think that using recycled party favors and it being donated is a good thing.
Forth. Have these youngsters ever heard of a limo? It is the best carpool and the prom industry essentially invented this carpool approach. Usually, a group of prom attendees get together, pool their financial resources and rent a limo. And, DA HORROR!, sometimes parents take their children and others to and fro. How embarrassing is that?!
Fifth. Look, do these gals realize that the prom industry makes a ton of money? Mostly on young girls (courtesy of their parents) spending money on the clothes that they think will make them look like little hotties? In the print edition of the Pasadena Star-News, Miss Kinney said that she is looking for a hemp dress for the event. Hmm, I am sorry but I just can not see the vast majority of young girls, or young boys for that matter, worrying about the material in their clothes. They will spend a lot of money on clothing that they may wear once and that they think they look good in. In the case of the boys, they will rent their clothes. Usually that is a tux and the accouterments that go with it.
Dear Miss Kinney and Miss Ota.
I know that in your mind and your heart of hearts, you think this is a great idea.
But it is not.
It is caving into and agenda that you have been taught is real when it is not.
Repeat after me.
Is there a time to be concerned about the environment? Of course there is.
But a high school prom is not one of them.
Again, most of the attendees have other stressers about the event. To have to think if their good time depends on whether or not the event has saved the Mother Earth should not be an additional stresser.
Which goes back to the original question.
Do liberals have any clue as to just having fun? Not thinking about a certain social issue near and dear to their hearts?
I guess not according to Josephine Kinney and Veronica Ota.
My wish for their prom is that they should relax, have great food and music and have a good time. Without the politically correct lecture.

A Place To Atone For The Sin Of Voting For The One

It had to happen sooner or later. And it has.
Here is the official "I'm Sorry I Voted For Obama" website.
Now I know that many of you still have faith in The One. The Dear Leader. But, there are those of you that are thinking, "Gee, maybe it was a mistake voting for President Obama. I thought that he was kind of a moderate guy. That he would end all partisanship. That he was going to seek consensus on all issues. Blah. Blah. Blah."
Then please, go to the site. Write down your confession of sin. Cleanse your soul!
And, while you are at it, continue to work to defeat the attempt at socialized medicine. Work hard to see more Republicans elected to congress next year. There is a lot of work to be done to atone for the sin of voting for The One!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

David Frum Continues To Be A Grade A-USDA Choice Jerk

It has been a while flogging the leading "light" over at the "New Majority", David Frum. But, once again, he steps in it as if he was in a field of cow dung and would have no way out but to step in it.
Mr. Frum can not actually come to simply give a great journalist, the late Robert Novak, a goodbye. No, now that Mr. Novak is off to the Glory and can not defend himself, Mr. Frum gives a backhand to the late Mr. Novak.
It is all about this article that appeared in 2003 in National Review.
It makes Mr. Novak, Pat Buchanan and so-called paleoconservatives were unpatriotic because they did not support the opening of the Iraq theatre in the War Against Islamofacist Terror. In fact, as noted, many paleoconservatives did not support going into Afghanistan as well. And yes, Mr. Novak was one of these paleos.
For what it is worth, I hate these sub-terms for conservatives. It is what keeps us divided and not united against the common threat. That is liberalism, socialism and statism.
But here is the thing.
Mr. Novak was born Jewish. Unlike Mr. Buchanan, I do not think that Mr. Novak espoused anti-Semitic views. Mr. Novak did not refer to the AIPAC and their supporters as an "Amen corner" as has Mr. Buchanan. I do find Mr. Buchanan to have some views that border anti-Semitism. i never found Mr. Novak to be an anti-Semite.
And one does not have to support the Israel position on any issue in regards to their relations with their Arab, Islamic neighbors. They are not anti-Semites. But one has to be a reader and listener and watcher of people like Mr. Buchanan and the late Mr. Novak to get a real idea as to what they believe.
Here is why Mr. Frum should have left well enough alone.
Mr. Novak did not agree about our relationship with Israel. And he did not think we should have done what we did in regard to the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Again, many people disagreed with that. It is how that disagreement is handled. Mr. Novak was not in the streets with the Code Pink crowd. He made a good case in columns and on broadcast appearances. And I do not and will not agree with him, Mr. Buchanan et al.
Mr. Frum needs to understand that this constant carping against people that should be allies is wrong. Again, we have a real group of people that we are against. L I B E R A L S and S O C I A L I S T S and S T A T I S T S.
Oh, I almost forgot that Mr. Frum now has radio talk show host Mark Levin in his sights. The Other McCain has the goods on this meltdown. But I have a question for Mr. Frum.
David. May I call you David? Have you ever done a three-hour radio show? Have you taken calls from people? Answered their questions? Had to deal with the fringe on both sides?
The reason I ask is because any radio talk show host, conservative or liberal, has a tough task. And a good host has a certain persona. And Mark Levin has one that is bombastic. But, he is almost always right. And, he is strong in making a point. So what? That is what I want in a talk show host.
I wished that you would just once have such venom against President Obama. Those on the other side that want to change America for the worse.
In other words, David, STOP BEING A JERK!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Would Ronald Reagan Think Of The Tea Party And Opposition To Socialized Medicine?

It is interesting to note that it has been five years since former President Ronald Reagan went off to the Glory and met God.
But, I wonder if The Great Man is looking down on this nation that he loved so much what he thinks of those who have started the Tea Parties? Or those that are speaking out against President Obama and his plans to nationalize the health care delivery of the United States?
Well, we know that this has been making the rounds all over the internet. So we know that before I was even born, Mr. Reagan was speaking out against the government take over of health care delivery in this nation. Please, please watch it. Although it is not a video, it is a man that knew what was coming-back in 1961!
The fact is that many of those that do not like the "icky", straight talk of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan was doing it long before both of us could walk or talk. And that is for many of Mrs. Palin's and my generation.
What I think is that somewhere up there, Mr. Reagan is having a great laugh and telling friend and foe alike that he still has faith in the American people. It was because of someone like a Ronald Reagan, many Americans that felt they had no voice found a voice.
Again, it is amazing how the discussion of socialized medicine could be today. All that has to be done is tweak the names of the members of congress pursuing this Orwellian scheme. And almost all of the words are as real now as in 1961 when this first aired.
What Mr. Reagan talked about is something that he tried to do as president. Create what would be called block grants. That is when the federal government, with little if any strings attached, would give a state or other locality money to take care of a situation as they saw fit. And, that could be done today in regards to the so-called health care "reform" scam being foisted on the American people in congress.
The problem, as Mr. Reagan pointed out, is that it is when the government has all the control in it's hands. In other words, when the central government, in this case Washington, D. C., has all the power.
That is what is happening right now in the tax debate. As well as the debate over so-called health care "reform". In the Crap and Trade legislation. In all that is being proposed in almost every piece of legislation from the Democrat congress and the Obama administration.
What we, the American people, need to do is continue what we are doing. Continue the Tea Party movement. Continue to attend congressional town halls. Continue to speak out against the so-called health care "reform". Continue to speak out against federal tax policy. Continue to speak out against Crap and Trade. Continue to make congress listen to the people, for once. That is what Ronald Reagan would want us to do. It is time to win another one for the Gipper!

More Thoughts On Robert Novak

My first exposure to the late journalist/pundit Robert Novak was way back in 1983 as he was one of the panelists on a rather unusual roundtable show-The McLaughlin Group.
It was the infancy of the kind of combative punditry. A roundtable show with former Jesuit priest and Richard Nixon defender John McLaughlin as the ringmaster. There were conservatives, moderates and liberals. All Washington "insiders" and one of them was Robert Novak.
Mr. Novak was a staunch defender of the Reagan administration economic policies if not their strong anti-communism. But it was the tone that he would take with host Mr. McLaughlin.
Mr. Novak would sit back in his chair, somewhat slouching, and then say, "Let me explain it to you John" and then add something like this "Because I don't think you fully understand this" and Mr. Novak would go on to make his point. It was to a young college student ballsy. For a veteran reporter like Robert Novak to tell this upstart pundit the truth. WOW!
Then Mr. Novak and Pat Buchanan moved over to CNN. Mr. Novak went on another show like the McLaughlin Group, The Capital Gang.
On The Capital Gang, Mr. Novak seemed more at ease, yet just as opinionated and almost always right as on The McLaughlin Group.
Another memory is that among the the whole of The Capital Gang, only Mr. Novak had the Republican takeover of congress spot on. No one, even fellow conservative Kate O'Beirne thought that Mr. Novak knew what he was talking about.
But, that showed those people that they did not know what they were talking about.
Mr. Novak may have been a Washington "insider", but he had never lost the shoe-leather reporter in him. And he went around the country. And he talked to a lot of state GOP people that were in the know. And because of that, Mr. Novak almost hit his predictions right on target.
Now in this internet, blogger, Twitter age, there are not many like Robert Novak left. There are a lot of people that think they know what time it is. People like the wretched David Frum. But these people never get the pulse of the people. Robert Novak did. And that is what set him apart from so many in the Washington press elite.
I, for one, will miss the so-called Prince of Darkness. A man with the pulse on the people. In and out of Washington.

Robert Novak 1931-2009

America has lost a great titan of journalism with the death of columnist Robert Novak today at the age of 78.
Mr. Novak was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor one year ago.
What sets Mr. Novak apart from today's pundit class is not his politics. But his ability to actually be a "shoe leather" reporter. One who worked at a story. Mr. Novak did not let a lead go unturned.
Mr. Novak wrote his infamous column with the late Rowland Evans for over 30 years.
Robert Novak will be missed.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is This Maybe Why There Is An About Face On The "Public Option"?

It appears that the Obama administration may, just may, be getting the message on the so-called health care "reform" and is about to drop the "public option"-single payer socialized medicine.
Could the reason be that a system just to North, Canada, is in very bad shape? That the single-payer socialized system is about to "implode"?
If the assessment of the incoming head of the Canadian Medical Association is to be taken seriously, then the push for socialized medicine being made by the Obama administration could be DOA-dead on arrival.
The fact that there is talk about allowing private insurance companies to compete with the government-run health scheme is comforting. It is a realization that socialized medicine does not and is not working.
One of the worst aspects of socialized medicine is that the majority of those covered are subjected to unrealistic waits for simple doctor visits. And if it goes beyond the average doctor visit, be prepared for a much longer wait. And, under that people are literally dying. Many Canadians have had it and if they can, they are coming to the United States to have the kind of care that we Americans take for granted.
Let us hope that the Obama administration is moving away from the single-payer scheme and try to get them on to real reform, such as tort reform, allowing people and companies to purchase insurance across state lines.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Young People And The Town Hall

Much has been made about the rise of the senior citizen in opposition to the so-called health care "reform" being pushed by President Obama and his allies. And rightfully so.
But I want to take a different look at the most overlooked segment of the movement against the nationalization of one-sixth the private economy.
This past Tuesday at Congressman Adam Schiff's Schifftacular Town Hall, one thing that I noticed was the large amount of young people.
I am writing about the coveted 18-34 year-old demographic..
The surprise was how many of these young people were against so-called health care "reform".
Much was made in the Death March of the 2008 presidential campaign about these young potential voters. How enamoured these young people were with then Sen. Messiah Barack. And yes, he did win these voters. And won them overwhelmingly.
So, what has happened between election day and today?
Many of these young people are doing something that they now realize they should have done before election day.
They are getting informed. They are reading a lot of different sources. Listening to people all across the political spectrum. They are probably indirectly learning something from their parents and most importantly their grandparents.
They are coming to realize that there is a real cost to all the Hope and Change The One promised during the Death March presidential campaign.
It is very possible that many of these people coming to oppose the so-called health care "reform" voted for The One. And it is very possible that many of these people are coming to think that they were hoodwinked into believing that there would be no real cost for the Hope and Change. They are coming to realize that there is a real cost, that they will have to pay, for nationalizing one-sixth of the private economy.
Now, I am not suggesting a wholesale shift among young voters. But if what I saw on Tuesday night is an indication, the stranglehold of young voters that the Democrats think they have may not be the case.
Many of these young people were probably recent college graduates and facing a grim job market. And, many will take jobs that they may have not taken when the economy was on all cylinders. And in doing so, they realize that one thing they will have is choice in health care. From their potential employer. From a myriad of private plans that they may pay for completely out of pocket. Or maybe no health coverage at all. But what they have is choice. And, under the end result of the plans touted in congress, they will not have that all-American value. Choice.
Also, the young people may not be in any hurry to encourage granny or gramps to end their life courtesy of a visit from some government health care worker every five years. Because they may have come to realize that some day, it will be them that the government health care worker will be coming to visit and encourage to take an easy way out to the permanent dirt nap.
What ever the reason, the Democrats may have trouble keeping the same numbers of young voters in their camp come the 2010 mid-term elections. The Dear Leader, President Obama, will not be on the ballot then. It will be a different playing field for he will have been president for two years. All the issues that he and his allies blame on former President George W. Bush are at that point his. And this push to nationalize health care may be the issue that turns the young voters the other way.
All I can report was that I was thrilled to see young voters getting involved in the process. Going to the Adam Schifftacular is a start. Keeping them involved and encouraged is the job for all of us that want real reform, not nationalization and gutting of the greatest health care on God's Green Earth.
I want to leave all of us to encourage more from these young people. They are bucking the trend. They are, as I often note, the real rebels.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Thoughts From The Adam Schifftacular

As promised, I will share some more thoughts from last night's Town Hall meeting with my congressman, Democrat Adam Schiff.
The real thought that I had was about the people that showed up on both sides.
By and large, many on the other side, the pro health care "reform" people, were clearly organized. Many were from the Services Employees International Union, SEIU. Also teachers, some health care workers. They had pre-printed (union label I am sure) signs. There were people from Organizing for America, the extension of the Obama presidential campaign. Remember, since we Republicans were stuck with Sen. John "F--- You" McCain as our standard-bearer, not even Barack Obama needed $1,000,000,000 to beat him. And he had money left and needed to funnel it somewhere. They were the ones handing out the very slick flyers touting the president's health care plan. And there were some of the lefty crazies. A group of three had signs touting the "Freedom Socialist Party". One of those that I was with asked if that was not a contradiction. He got a middle finger. Nice debate on their part.
But, by and large they were not confrontational. We had some spirited back and forth. But nothing hostile. The way that it should be.
Now, for those of us on the other side, all I can say is that I wished we had some of the signs printed up for us. And the organization that the other side had.
But, what we lacked in that we had in passion and commitment to what we believed. Overwhelmingly the people that had the signs made them on their own. And most were at worst funny at best biting. And it was a variety of people of all backgrounds. I did not see the pharma guy with the Snidely Whiplash hat and moustache handing out our marching orders and or cash. Yes, we were very animated when the speakers were saying something that was off the mark. But no one rushed the stage or were threatening in any way. At some level, it was like being at a sporting event. And while many elites on both sides feel an erudite debate is preferable, what I was a part of was representative republicanism at its best.
A very important disclaimer.
A group of Lyndon LaRouche whack jobs were out in force. These people are the truthers and the birthers long before they came into being. They hate whoever is in the White House. Because they are stooges for the British royal family, doncha know?! Anyway, these are the people that were walking around with photos of President Obama with the Hitler moustache. These people were chanting impeachment. Many of us who oppose the so-called health care "reform" showed our disdain and disgust. For these clowns, who BTW, run for office as Democrats, show utter contempt for the seriousness of the issue at hand. And their paranoia about fake conspiracies somehow always are lumped in with conservatives. They are not conservatives. They are loons. And they get no, I repeat, no credibility in conservatism and or the Republican party. Let the Democrats figure out what to do with these crazies.
All in all I think that it was worth the effort. More than likely, Congressman Schiff will vote for something of the plans floating around Capital Hill. It will not do one thing other than increase the role of government in the lives of all Americans should it become law. But, Congressman Schiff and those who will vote for this monstrosity need to know that there are consequences. At election time. People will not forget. And that is the message I hope that I sent last night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Adam Schiff Town Hall: A Clunker

Tonight, many of us opposed to the so-called health care "reform" scheme went to hear my congressman, Adam Schiff, at his town hall meeting.
And, not surprisingly, it was really a stacked deck.
But, to Congressman Schiff's credit, he changed the venue so that everyone who showed up was able to be heard. It moved from a 300 seat room in the library to the front of the Alhambra City Hall. And, there were at least 2,000 people that showed up. And without a doubt, the majority of the crowd were opponents of the so-called health care "reform".
And Congressman Schiff did answer some of the questions that I posed in an earlier post.

How do you plan to pay for this without raising taxes on the middle class?

The usual canard was the standard answer. Tax the wealthiest one percent of Americans. Of course what no one is told is that it will not be enough money to pay for the so-called health care "reform".

Can you assure any one that is on a private health insurance plan through their employer that they will be able to keep it?

Like President Obama, Congressman Schiff said but of course none of that would change. And what he left out of that answer is that employers will compare the cost of what they offer and the "public option" and stop offering health coverage and that employee would be dumped into the "public option", which is Orwellian speak for single-payer, government run health care.

Well, two out of six is not too bad in congressmanland.
But it was the panel of so-called "experts" that was annoying as anything.
Led by "moderator" Dr. Bruce Hensel, a local television doc and advocate of nationalizing health care, four other "experts" were proponents of single-payer, government run health care. There was not one that had a differing point of view. Fine, it is Congressman Schiff's town hall. But don't patronize those of us that showed up into thinking that there would be an open and honest debate on this most critical issue.
And, Congressman Schiff asked who wanted change, and the supporters that were outnumbered cheered, but not overly enthusiastically. When he asked who opposed, there was a sustained amount of booing and chanting against the so-called health care "reform".
I will leave you with that and report more tomorrow.
BTW, if you were there, please give your impressions.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

OA-Obama Anonymous

This is from The American Thinker and it is one of the funniest-yet true-things that I have read in a long time.
Some of the 12 steps to losing the grip of the Dear Leader are funny.
I find number four to be a good one:

We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of the shallow reasons for voting for him.

Now, before anyone thinks that I would mock real people who are in recovery, I am not. I know many and support their efforts.
Having written the above, one has to wonder though how in the name of Almighty God the Obamaots, the Mainstream Media Obamawhores and other sycophants do not get it yet. Is it because they still believe that their taxes will not be raised? Is it because they really believe those advocating socialized medicine that somehow, it will be as good or better than what we have now? Are these the ones that got government jobs? Please, splain it to me.
In the meantime, I need to print and distribute this to all the Obamaots that I can.

The United States Is Still A Religious Nation

I am so sorry to disappoint my favorite lefty commenter to this site, Right Wing Snarkle, but the United States is still a very religious nation.
And that is a good thing.
But, Mr. Snarkle will be happy to know that he lives in one of the two least religious areas of the United States. That would be the Northeast and the Northwest.
What is also fascinating is where those of a particular religion have the highest or lowest average.
Some of it is not a real surprise.
Such as the strength of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Sure, they are well highest in Utah. But they do have a strong following in surrounding states such as Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Arizona. Mormons are below average in Massachusetts, yet Mitt Romney was elected governor in 2002.
Roman Catholic strength is in places like New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut on the East coast. In the Upper Midwest, the strongest Roman Catholic presence is in Illinois and Wisconsin. In the Deep South, only Louisiana has a strong Roman Catholic presence. New Mexico and California round out the states with a strong or stronger than average Roman Catholic presence.
Protestant and or non-Roman Catholic Christians are strong in the South, Midwest and the Upper Midwest.
The states where Jewish practitioners are strongest are New York, The District of Columbia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, Maryland, California and Connecticut. Sadly, there are some states, such as Montana, in which no one surveyed was Jewish. It does not mean that there are not Jewish people, just that the community is so small that it can not register in a poll like this.
What I would have been interested in is where are Islamics the strongest and the weakest.
The poll has a state-by-state breakdown.
For the United States as a whole, the breakdown is 54% Protestant, 24% Roman Catholic, Jewish 2%, Mormon 2%. Atheists and or Agnostics are at 13%.
The bottom line is that, thankfully, the United States is still a nation of believers. Believers of many different faiths. But the belief in a higher power makes this nation the largest of those who believe. And have the freedom to do just that.

HT: TransFigurations @

Many Reasons People Have Had It With Big Govenment

Of course maybe this story in The Wall Street Journal may see the light of day. And if it does, add this to the list of reasons people are tired of big, unresponsive govenment.

While the debate over the so-called health care "reform" is the top o' the news-and rightfully so-there are a multitude of reasons why people are getting rather upset over the cost of big government. And the lack of return in it.
This example simply shows how out of touch the Democrat congressional leadership is. So, Grand Dame Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) can not fly with the little people when she comes back to the not-so Golden State? Anyone else in the Democrat congressional leadership? On this, timing is everything and with the economy in dire straits, congress asking for $200,000,000 for airplanes for it's own use smacks of hypocrisy and elitism. And, to be fair, the planes for congressional leaders were appropriated after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. But, even then I do not think that it was a wise use of taxpayer dollars.
The so-called "Cash For Clunkers" program has been called a rousing success because the $1,000,000,000 originally allocated ran out within days. But, take a close look and the outcome that this program, approved by congress and signed by President Obama, is not quite what it seems to be. The idea of "Cash For Clunkers" was for the government to give a $3,500 to $4,500 "incentive rebate" for people to trade in their old, low-mileage gas-guzzlers for supposed "greener", high mileage cars. Well, would you be surprised to know that the great guzzler of all, the Chevy Hummer is a car you can get in trade? How about the Ford Escape, an SUV? Now, the Ford Escape does make a hybrid model, but there is no differential in the trade. And, why is this little subsidy being provided by the government in the first place? Maybe to try to get consumers to buy American cars? Too bad that the Toyota Corolla is the top car in trade. Oh, and congress appropriated another $2,000,000,000 to encourage car sales now instead of later.
Of course there is the nearly $800,000,000,000 so-called economic "stimulus" bill passed in the halcyon early days of the Obama administration. A rip-roaring 10%, if that, is actually going to supposedly stimulate the moribund economy.
Then there are the infamous congressional town hall meetings taking place this month.
Many members of congress know that for the most part these meetings are attended by few, if any, constituents. And if it is any kind of big deal, they almost always stack the deck of people who support their members on any given issue. Thus, opponents are seen as kind of sort of out of touch. But now, because many Americans see congress as out of touch, going on a spending spree while they have to make serious cuts to their budgets, they are showing up to these meetings. And the congressmen and congresswomen are not used to it. Those that support the so-called health "reform" legislation have been in the Washington cocoon for so long, and seem to hang with those that suck up to them rather than tell the truth, are stunned. Stunned that there really is opposition to a nationalization of one-sixth of the private economy. Of taking choice away from the American people.
So, congress members do not get this righteous anger bubbling up. The supporters of nationalizing health care delivery in the United States usually have supporters rather than opponents. Thus, they are caught off guard. And some just lose it as the case of this congressman in Georgia.
David Scott is the Democrat representative from Georgia's thirteenth district. And he starts off seemingly reasonable, answering the question. But because the questioner keeps pressing the congressman, he just can not take it. Congressman Scott resorts to saying that it was not the time or place for the question. Because it was another event.
Get a clue Congressman Scott. People are really frustrated. And they want answers. They want to know what will be the outcome of voting for nationalizing health care delivery. And they do not want any going around the question in typical politician fashion.
Just as we Republicans had to learn the hard way about what happens when the political class get out of touch with the voters, the Democrats may have to learn the same hard lesson.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Democrats Unhinged

It has come to this for President Obama and the Democrats in the Great So-Called Health Care "Reform" debate.
A proponent of the so-called health care "reform" reduced to slapping an opponent who was debating her husband.
And it appears that the slapper, Karen Miracle, is the treasurer of the Hillsbourough (Florida) Democrat Club. And the wuss of a husband, Garry Miracle, is the political director.
Oh yes, slap your opponents into submission! Yeah, that's the ticket!
This is on the heels of the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) referring to those of us opposed to the so-called health care "reform" as, get this, robots, shills for the eeeevvvviiiillll health insurance companies. But that is not enough. No, Mrs. Pelosi said that people were running around with signs that had swastikas on them.
And, because the California whack job that Mrs. Pelosi is, her sister-in-crime, Ma'am Sen. Barbara Boxer had to one-up her. Ma'am Sen. Boxer said that she had not seen such "well dressed" people at these town hall meetings since the Bush-Gore debacle of 2000. I'm sorry Ma'am Sen. Boxer. If I were to come to see you at a town hall. Wait, my bad, you are not having one! But if you did, I will show up in a torn t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. And of course, I expect you to look the same. You know, nearly 70 year-old gals always look great in that kind of outfit.
Sorry that I have the wrong idea about meeting with and asking my representatives questions about the so-called health care "reform".
But damn, I am now a member of a "mob" because I, along with the rest of us being paid off by big health insurance, want to ask our representatives questions and maybe, just maybe, change enough minds to oppose this ill-advised nationalization of one-sixth of the American economy.
I am glad to be part of this "mob". I am going to my congressman's town hall meeting this Tuesday. I will try to ask questions. And maybe I will be able to share with some people this little bit of information why maybe, just maybe it is not all that wonderful to do what President Obama and the Dems want to do with health care delivery.
Of course, that is if a Democrat goon does not try to sic his wife to slap me!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Local Congressman To Have A Health Care "Reform" Town Hall

My congressman, Adam Schiff, is having a town hall meeting on the so-called health care "reform" next Tuesday at 7pm in Alhambra, California.
Now, why would I promote this for my Democrat congressman?
Because it is important that Congressman Schiff knows that there are those of us that oppose the proposal that will nationalize one-sixth of the economy.
Now, it is also important that if we do participate in any town hall on health care that we are respectful to any congressman or congresswoman. We should make our comments and ask our questions. But, it will not help if we sound like a "truther" or a "birther".
There are some serious questions to ask any member of congress that support or plans to support this government take over of our health care delivery system.
Here are a few

How do you plan to pay for this without raising taxes on the middle class?

Can you assure any one that is on a private health insurance plan through their employer that they will be able to keep it?

Can you assure that we will be able to keep our current doctor?

Can you assure that there will never be health care rationing?

Will you oppose any aspect of the bill that would encourage a government representative to visit elderly people and talk about "end of life options"?

Will you admit that this will be a back-door move for the government to fund abortions?

There are many others and I encourage you to think about what you would ask your congressman or congresswoman if given the opportunity.
This is a great link and it is being constantly updated as more members of congress provide the dates and times of their town halls on so-called health care "reform".
Many members of congress have faced the wrath of voters that are rightfully concerned about this impending legislation. These are not paid people getting wads of cash from the eeevvviiillll health insurance companies. BTW, if there is a money train I will be on it as fast as lightning! They, we want to make our voices heard. Just as those on the superbly organized other side will. But, we must do so with honor and dignity. Leave the theatrics to the other side.
I give Congressman Schiff credit for holding this meeting. And when I am there and if I have the opportunity to ask a question, I will do so not in anger but wanting an answer. That is all I or anyone else can do.
Here is the location information for Congressman Schiff's town hall:

Alhambra Civic Center Library Community Room on 101 S. First Street, Alhambra.
The event will be from 7 PM to 8:30 PM PST

Monday, August 03, 2009

More From The Religion Of Peace

Over this past weekend, fanatical Islamics in Pakistan attacked Christians in a town in the Eastern part of the nation. Because of a rumor that several Christian youths "defiled" a copy of the Islamic holy book, the Koran.
Eight people, all Christians, were burned to death and scores injured homes burned to the ground as a banned, Taliban-like group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, incited the violence.
Not surprisingly, police simply stood around while hundreds of Islamofanatics went on their rampage according to Rafiq Masih, a resident of the predominantly Christian colony.
The Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, said that there was no truth to the rumor that the Koran was defiled. And Mr. Bhatti essentially corroborated Mr. Masih's account of the police standing around doing nothing. According to the linked article, Mr. Bhatti ordered the police to protect the Christians and they did not do so.
Now, as a Christian in 2009 in the United States, there is a constant stream of insulting, defiling and even using Christian symbols near and dear to our hearts and souls for so-called art. Remember the infamous "Piss Christ"? That was when some so-called artist depicted Jesus Christ in a jar of urine. Did Christians go to hunt down this artist and kill him? I am certain a small number felt like doing so, but overwhelmingly we did not.
Now before some commenter points to the murder of the late-term abortionist, Dr. George Tiller, remember the suspect is going to be tried and hopefully convicted of his most heinous act. And those that were most condemning what the suspect did were Christians.
You see, Christians face a lot of the kind of things that so upset the Islamic people. Only these people were egged on by fanatics that see every real and imagined act as an act against Islam.
In this case, there was no defilement of the Koran. Yet eight people, women and children, were burned alive.
This is the religion of peace in the hands of fanatics.
When will people wake up, in and out of Islam and fight these people? How many more non-Islamics have to die? Not to mention true, peace-loving Islamics that do want to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors?
It appears that many more will have to be martyrs until the civilized world unites to defeat these Islamoterrorists.

Aw, Shucks! Lefties Do Not Like Obama/Socialist Poster

Like clockwork, a local Los Angeles race huckster, Earl Ofari Hutchinson has deemed the Obama/Socialist poster to be racist. The money quote from Mr. Hutchinson:

"Depicting the president as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery. It is mean-spirited and dangerous."

Really, Mr. Hutchinson? Hey, look at this post and at the depiction of former President George W. Bush. Think that is not a wee bit on the demonic side? Oh and Mr. Hutchinson, the image of the Dear Leader is not demonic. It is a Joker! Grow up, Mr. Hutchinson!

It appears that the Obama/Socialist poster highlighted here yesterday has touched a nerve.

The LA Weekly, a left-wing "alternative" throwaway newspaper seems to not like the depiction of President Obama on the poster. The Weekly does not like the pasty, Joker appearance a la Heath Ledger.

Are you kidding?! To push the agenda that the Dear Leader is trying to do automatically makes him the Joker. As I noted yesterday, I think it is rather insulting to the Joker. But really. Can we not have a little fun with the Dear Leader? Why does the LA Weekly mention that "all that's missing is a noose"? Take a look at the Obama/Socialist photos

Was this same publication so sanguine when all matter of insult was hurled at former President George W. Bush? How about all of the Nazi references and depictions? Oh, in case you may have forgotten, here is a cover of The Village Voice

Someone is having some fun and some fringe Obamawhores are whining and crying.

How does it feel now Obamawhores?!

DOUBLE HT: Mark Hemingway @ The Corner

The Trojan Horse For A Massive Tax Hike

As I noted yesterday, two Obama administration officials did not rule out the possibility that President Obama will have to break the centerpiece of why he is the president of the United States.
The specter of raising taxes on the middle class.
Remember candidate Sen. Messiah Barack kept saying that 95% of taxpaying Americans would not see their taxes raised. That in fact, they would see a tax cut.
Well, this report about tax revenue at the lowest since the depths of the Great Depression may be the Trojan Horse that the administration will use to justify a massive tax hike.
The fact that tax revenues are dropping like an anvil from the sky will force President Obama to do several things.
One, President Obama will continue to pursue nationalizing one-sixth of the economy with the health care "reform" scam.
Another is that President Obama will call for a massive make work government program. You know, because the so-called economic "stimulus" worked so well.
In the mean time, there is no way that the government can function with an 18% drop in tax revenues. Unless the printing presses at the Bureau of Engraving are put in hyperdrive. Which will lead to inflation.
And, President Obama will turn to the American people and claim that the tax cut for the middle class he promised he can not do. He will tell the American people that he will have to raise taxes on everyone and everything that he can to cut a $1,800,000,000,000 deficit.
And once again, as I noted yesterday, another Democrat breaking a no tax hike on the middle class promise.
The Trojan Horse is already being set up.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Uh Oh Middle Class, Here Come The Tax HIKES!

It appears that it has only taken six and a half months, but Team Obama is floating the possibility that taxes will be raised to try to stem the ballooning deficit and to pay to socialize health care in the United States.
Oh, but the tax hikes are not just going to be done to those pesky rich folks.
No sirree, Bob! Those of us in the middle class are being put on notice that we will have to pony up our "fair share" to help with these programs.
According to that sexist former Harvard president, Larry Summers, "it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out, no matter what."
Oh, I digress. Mr. Summers is currently the National Economic Council Director. His last gig was as the president of Harvard College. Mr. Summers had the gall, utter gall, to suggest that there are differences between men and women. No shock to your humble blogger, but to the feminists at Harvard and beyond in academia, this was not politically correct. Needless to say in a profile of courage, Mr. Summers resigned as president rather than defend what he said.
Back to this post.
President Obama ran relentlessly saying that 95% of Americans would not see their taxes raised. And that most would actually see a tax cut. And, he has continued to say just that even as he tries mightily to nationalize one-sixth of the United States economy in taking over health care.
Now, reality is beginning to rear its ugly head and it is not just Mr. Summers floating the middle class tax hike possibility.
Here is what the Treasury Secretary, Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner had to say:
"If we want an economy that's going to grow in the future, people have to understand we have to bring those deficits down. And it's going to be difficult, hard for us to do. And the path to that is through health care reform. We're not at the point yet where we're going to make a judgment about what it's going to take."
I highlight the second sentence because by not ruling out tax hikes on the middle class, Mr. Geithner is setting up the real potential that President Obama, of course blaming former President George W. Bush, will have to go back on the reason he is president. The promise of not raising taxes on the middle class.
Remember the last Democrat president that said the same thing and did raise taxes on the middle class? That was one William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. And yes, he was a two-term president. But, his raising taxes gave way to the Republican congressional takeover of 1994.
This has to be in the back of the mind of those on Team Obama. But, but the reality is that if they want to continue to expand the federal government like a hot air balloon, they have to get money from somewhere. They just will not get enough from the pesky rich people. So, they will try to tell the middle class that raising their taxes is necessary to give them health care coverage. And how about a $4,500 credit to trade in your current car for a "fuel efficient" car? Where do you think that money is coming from? And that so-called economic "stimulus"? How do you people think we can pay for that? You are going to have to pay for some of it!
Does the word S U C K E R! come to mind? Did not the American people not get sold this bill of goods a short 17 years ago with former President Clinton? Of course we did.
But, like then, the American people were ready for a change. They thought 12 years of the Republicans running the White House and for a time the senate was enough. This Clinton fellow sounded, why almost like a Republican. You know, the way he talked about tax cuts. But, Mr. Clinton proved that he was a Democrat at heart and could not help but raise taxes.
Alas, now the possibility is being floated and let us see if the middle class will be A-OK to see their taxes raised. I do not think so.
It is as if the administration is making the case for Republicans to be in control of congress once again.
So, get ready you who voted for President Obama. You who really thought your taxes were not going to be raised. The bill is coming due and your name is on it to pay.
Don't say that you were not warned!

Los Angeles Episcopalians May Get A Gay Or Lesbian Bishop-What Can Go Wrong?!

Leave it to the Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles, the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, but he is firing the first shot across the Anglican bow in the homosexual saga that threatens the "unity" of the Anglican Communion.
The Rt. Rev. Bruno affirmed six finalists to fill two suffragan bishop positions in the Diocese of Los Angeles.
And of course there is one openly gay candidate and one openly lesbian finalist.
The openly gay candidate is the Rev. John Kirkley from St. John the Evangelist in San Francisco.
Insert laugh track here.
The openly lesbian candidate is the Rev. Cannon Mary Douglas Glasspool, cannon to the bishops of the Diocese of Maryland.
OK, so what can go wrong with these two finalists?
Well, since the Episcopal Church convention of 2009, when the Church decided that they would ignore the majority of the Anglican Communion and openly seek to ordain gay and lesbians to the bishopric, there has been a move to have a new, unified rival Anglican Church of North America be recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion as a whole. Chances are that there will be two churches recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rt. Rev. Rowan Williams and with that a floodgate of Exodus from the Episcopal Church to the rival Anglican Church of North America.
And if the Episcopal Church thinks that it will not happen, I think that it will. With anywhere from 85,000 to 100,000 in 615 churches throughout the United States and Canada, it is the most serious threat to the Episcopal Church in the over 220 year history of the Church.
Not to mention that in the Los Angeles diocese, three churches have left the Episcopal Church and are in litigation for the buildings that the Los Angeles diocese say are theirs. The three are led by St. James, Newport Beach, St Davids, North Hollywood and St. Luke's, La Crescenta. And the chances are that if any and or all three eventually prevail and get to keep the church property, other churches in the Los Angeles diocese that have been on the fence may take a true leap of faith and leave the diocese.
Of course, all of this is costing the Diocese of Los Angeles a lot of money. Money that will eventually run out whether the Rt. Rev. Bruno gets it or not. Money to save face and property will not rain down like manna from Heaven.
So, the bishop of the flock of Los Angeles decides to thrown gas on a fire and let two people, one gay and one lesbian be in line to possibly become an assistant bishop. And if neither is approved, look for the modernists to be upset.
Good luck keeping and gaining new members with this strategy, Rt. Rev. Bruno.

The Teachable Moment That Was Not

Last Thursday, President Obama brought together so-called Harvard "scholar" Henry Gates, Jr. and the Bull Conner of Cambridge, Sgt. James Crowley together for some beer and a lot of hot air that did not produce the "teachable moment" so many of the Obamawhores in the Mainstream Media promised would occur.

The reality is that we learned that the so-called "scholar" could not bring himself to apologize for causing himself to be arrested. And that Sgt. Bull Conner Crowley has more class in his pinkie than Mr. Gates will have in a lifetime.

Look at the following photo after the White House Beerfest:

Who is helping the so-called "scholar" down the White House stairs? Is it the friend of Mr. Gates, President Obama? No?! Why its none other than Sgt. Bull Conner Crowley. The same eeevvviiiiiillllll Sgt. Crowley that has taught fellow Cambridge police officers against racial profiling. The same Sgt. Crowley that tried in vain to save the life of the late Reggie Lewis, Boston Celtics basketball star. And yes, Mr. Lewis was Black. Yes sir, that Sgt. Crowley is the face of the rightfully hated Bull Conner.

Even the so-called "scholar" admitted that President Obama did nothing to use the Beerfest as a "teachable moment". And, Sgt Bull Conner Crowley said that Mr. Gates and himself agreed to disagree on the situation that led to Mr. Gates arrest in the first place.

What happened is that President Obama took time from a press conference to answer a planted question on the Crowley-Gates matter. And without his friend, the teleprompter, President Obama sounded like he was kind of sort of listening to the paragon of race relations, the former "Rev." Jeremiah Wright.

Do you remember him? You know, the former pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ. The church that Barack Obama and family attended for 20 years. The church of God D--- America. The church of The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost. Oh, but remember, then presidential candidate Sen. Messiah Barack claimed that he did not remember the "Rev." Wright preaching such things.

Yet amazingly, the president began his answer by admitting that "I don't know all the facts" and proceeded to comment on a local matter that he admits he knew nothing about. And, he claimed that the officers in the Crowley-Gates matter acted "stupidly".

The "teachable moment" was that once the pollmeisters at the White House told President Obama that maybe he did not say the right things on the Crowley-Gates matter that there was some of that classic Obama backsliding. And eventually, some brain trust came up with a brilliant idea. Hey, lets have these two guys over to the White House for a couple of beers. The "teachable moment" was that President Obama and his Mainstream Mediawhores were playing the classic game, CYA. Yes, "Cover Your A--".

That is all that came from the "teachable moment". A little CYA and showing one Sgt. Crowley in a much more positive light than the so-called "scholar" Mr. Gates.

I can hardly wait for the next "teachable moment" from our president. Because you know there are more coming.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

WOW! Even The Left Coast Has Had It With President Obama

This little ditty from Wizbang should send a shiver up the leg of MSNBC Obamawhore Chris Matthews.
And a look at the photo will show you why.

And, this is on a freeway on ramp in. . .LOS ANGELES?!
I think that the one that should be insulted is The Joker! Why, he is much better looking than President Obama!
HT: Kim Priestap @

The Myth Of The Conservative Democrat

I know that there is no such animal as a "conservative" Democrat. Trust me. If there was, I could easily be a Democrat. Not real likely, but a possibility.
To back up this, I took a look at the American Conservative Union's rankings as of 2008. The linked chart shows that terms rating and the congressman's lifetime ACU rating.
Now, my formula is to take the Democrats of the 2008 group, make sure that they have at least a lifetime rating of 30% and average it out. Based on that, there were 26 Democrat congressmen with at least a 30% lifetime ACU rating. And the average term of service for that group is 16 years of service. With that, the average ACU rating for these 26 Democrats is 46%. Only three had a ranking of 50% or better. They are Gene Taylor (D-Miss) at 66. Also Lincoln Davis (D-Tenn). And rounding off the top three is Mike McIntyre (D-NC) at 52%.
I find that formula to be rather generous, but you see the point. There is no one but maybe Mr. Taylor of Mississippi that can be called a conservative Democrat.
The reality is that the conservative Democrat has been brought way down. What does being a conservative Democrat mean? Maybe pro-life? Maybe against some taxes and for others?
And just what does this conservative moniker mean when many of these members have voted for a failed so-called economic "stimulus. For the Crap and Trade Globaloney Warming tax. And now maybe on the cusp of voting for nationalizing the health care industry. That does not seem to be conservative by any stretch of the imagination.
Yet, the DDBMSOWM keep pushing that there are these "Blue-dog", fiscal conservative Democrats that are holding up nationalizing the health care industry. Really? If these members were concerned about the potential cost of this monstrosity, they would say thanks, but no thanks and vote against any of the proposals floating around congress.
No, these so-called conservative Democrats become even more extinct when the 2010 midterm elections occur. After all, that paragon of moderation, Congresswoman Maxine Mad Dog Walters (D-Cal) had this to say about all of these so-called "conservative" Democrats:

"On the one hand, [the Blue Dogs] don't want to spend money but, on the other hand, they want to spend money when they think it benefits them or their districts, and so they have a powerful bloc. They're holding it up and that is as clear as can be."
"The chickens have come home to roost."

Ouch! A little Jeremiah Wright by Mad Dog Waters!
What she does not realize is that without these so-called "conservative" Democrats, the House of Representatives would get to some very uncomfortable majorities for the Democrats. The Dems would probably have about 230 seats rather than the 257 they have now. See what I mean?
Not that it will matter.
If 2010 is a bloodbath for the Democrats at the national and the state level, Mad Dog Waters will yearn for these so-called "conservative" Democrats.
Until then, please stop using the conservative label for these Democrats. Moderate, maybe. But, as noted, there is no such animal as a conservative Democrat.