Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There Are Really People Who Believe That Anti-Health Care "Reform" Protesters Are Being Paid

Two weekends ago, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast went on a weekend trip with a couple of her friends that we both know.
I like both of Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast's friends.
But, one is a caricature of the liberal mind. And worse, she is a public school educator.
This past weekend, we were together with other friends and it came up in a matter-of-fact way that this mutual friend of ours actually asked Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast if I, your humble blogger, was paid to attend the recent Congressman Adam Schifftacular town hall meeting I commented on.
Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast wondered, paid by who? Well, of course the eeevvviiillll health insurance companies. After laughing, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast told her of course not.
And, let me write here and now.
I, Right View From The Left Coast, Mark J. Goluskin, have never been paid by anyone, any group, any business, to write and or participate in anything regarding my views on the so-called health care "reform" being pursued by President Obama and his allies.
Now, I have read, and heard about this theme being ramped up against those of us who believe that what the president and allies are advocating are somehow being paid off by the eeevvviiilll health insurance companies.
But, I did not know that someone pretty close so believed it.
And that is a tragedy.
That someone who is so close to our children actually thinks that we just are being ginned up and paid off to show up at these town halls.
Let me write that I wish someone would throw some cash my way. It would not change what I believe on this topic. I think that if we do not stop this, the United States will be a bankrupt, Banana Republic. But yes, I would take the cash.
Back on point.
We who are conservatives are not professional protesters. We do not have the time and or inclination to usually get so involved in such issues. But, sometimes there is an issue, or a set of issues that get many of us riled up. And, so-called health care "reform", "Cash For Clunkers", so-called economic "stimulus", bailing out big banks that got themselves in a mess, these issues do have us riled up and in fact mad as hell.
That is why so many Americans took part in the Tea Party rallies held this past Tax Day, April 15. And that is why so many Americans are taking advantage of these town hall meetings to make their feelings known. And sometimes it does get carried away. And yes, some kooks try to horn in with their own warped agendas. That is for the Democrat Lyndon LaRouchies. But, to actually think that we are getting our marching orders from, oh say Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, or some other private health care provider is absolutely ludicrous. And worse, that as we get the marching orders, we are having some cash thrown our way is as well ludicrous.
Today, Gateway Pundit shows what real astroturf is. Now, my question is this. Does Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast's friend think that these groups and people are really "grassroots"? These are groups that the only reason for their being is to agitate. These groups find a problem under a rock and, BAM! they are there like white on rice. Bees to honey. Well, you get it.
This, my friends, is what we are up against. People that want to use Orwellian tactics to drag us down. I am here to write that this makes me absolutely more determined to write and be as active as I can to see that this usurping of one-sixth the private economy does not happen. And to buck you up as well. This will not end with the town halls. The proponents of so-called health care "reform" are just getting warmed up.
We can not let people like this friend of Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast believe that somehow, we are just mindless dolts taking the orders and the payoffs. We have to be willing to educate people like this why we believe the way we do. It will be mind-numbing for some people. But, it is necessary. For there maybe one of these people that will take a second look and come to realize that maybe we are right. And, we will not have to slip them a $50 to bring them along.
We have to take a page out of the Team Obama "Rules For Radicals" book and organize as we are doing and continue the fight. And realize that some people we know and love need not to be bullied but educated. It is how we will push back this power grab by the most left-wing presidency and congress in my lifetime. And most of yours.
Just realize that there are many people that really believe we are being paid off to take our time to attend town halls. Write our congressmen. Study all sides of the issue.
And the ones we have to reach out to the most are those that really believe we, the citizens, are being bankrolled by the eeevvviiilll insurance companies.

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DoorHold said...

Typical lazy arrogance.

One cannot disagree with the liberal line, that's not possible since it's the "correct" way of thinking, so there must be something nefarious going on if one does disagree; Evil, mean, greedy, something -- anything -- under-the-table or behind closed doors.

You don't have to debate the issues if all you ever do is smear your opponents.