Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Thoughts From The Adam Schifftacular

As promised, I will share some more thoughts from last night's Town Hall meeting with my congressman, Democrat Adam Schiff.
The real thought that I had was about the people that showed up on both sides.
By and large, many on the other side, the pro health care "reform" people, were clearly organized. Many were from the Services Employees International Union, SEIU. Also teachers, some health care workers. They had pre-printed (union label I am sure) signs. There were people from Organizing for America, the extension of the Obama presidential campaign. Remember, since we Republicans were stuck with Sen. John "F--- You" McCain as our standard-bearer, not even Barack Obama needed $1,000,000,000 to beat him. And he had money left and needed to funnel it somewhere. They were the ones handing out the very slick flyers touting the president's health care plan. And there were some of the lefty crazies. A group of three had signs touting the "Freedom Socialist Party". One of those that I was with asked if that was not a contradiction. He got a middle finger. Nice debate on their part.
But, by and large they were not confrontational. We had some spirited back and forth. But nothing hostile. The way that it should be.
Now, for those of us on the other side, all I can say is that I wished we had some of the signs printed up for us. And the organization that the other side had.
But, what we lacked in that we had in passion and commitment to what we believed. Overwhelmingly the people that had the signs made them on their own. And most were at worst funny at best biting. And it was a variety of people of all backgrounds. I did not see the pharma guy with the Snidely Whiplash hat and moustache handing out our marching orders and or cash. Yes, we were very animated when the speakers were saying something that was off the mark. But no one rushed the stage or were threatening in any way. At some level, it was like being at a sporting event. And while many elites on both sides feel an erudite debate is preferable, what I was a part of was representative republicanism at its best.
A very important disclaimer.
A group of Lyndon LaRouche whack jobs were out in force. These people are the truthers and the birthers long before they came into being. They hate whoever is in the White House. Because they are stooges for the British royal family, doncha know?! Anyway, these are the people that were walking around with photos of President Obama with the Hitler moustache. These people were chanting impeachment. Many of us who oppose the so-called health care "reform" showed our disdain and disgust. For these clowns, who BTW, run for office as Democrats, show utter contempt for the seriousness of the issue at hand. And their paranoia about fake conspiracies somehow always are lumped in with conservatives. They are not conservatives. They are loons. And they get no, I repeat, no credibility in conservatism and or the Republican party. Let the Democrats figure out what to do with these crazies.
All in all I think that it was worth the effort. More than likely, Congressman Schiff will vote for something of the plans floating around Capital Hill. It will not do one thing other than increase the role of government in the lives of all Americans should it become law. But, Congressman Schiff and those who will vote for this monstrosity need to know that there are consequences. At election time. People will not forget. And that is the message I hope that I sent last night.


Donald Douglas said...

Mark: Did you see my blog post on this. Actually, the Dems were astroturfed, and thus looked planted. The left can't match the legitimate grassroots feel to the events, and the polls are starting to show it.

Righty64 said...

Funny, I just got through reading your post on it. And you are spot on about the real problem. The left can not match real grassroots. Oh, I also saw your post on Patrick Briggs. I commented about the choice sign he was carrying at one point. Two of the people I was with actually got in his face. One thing I got real quick was there were not a whole lot of people that wanted to engage in real conversation on the other side.