Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Waste Of Time WNBA And Other Pointless Sports

If you are a woman and easily offended, do not read the first part of this post. It involves the Women's National Basketball Association primarily. But it is the forcing of women's sports in general. If you are a woman, or a man, and are tired of soccer, skip this part.

Well, your humble blogger forgot to let you know the teams in the Women's Professional Soccer Championship. It was played today here in Los Angeles. And it was between the Los Angeles Sol and FC Sky Blue (aka, New Jersey). And the winner was. . .ahh, I will link that for you!

Finally, someone who actually writes about sports has said what I have thought for, oh about ten years. And it is not politically correct. But, Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register says it about the WNBA. Here it is:

When is the NBA going to concede the league it helps bankroll is a losing proposition? Very few sports fan care.

Can I have an AMEN, brother!
Mr. Youngman is correct. But, those in the NBA, and even the very sports page Mr. Youngman writes for continues to push this losing proposition on a public that has been trying desperately to tell the powers to be this.
But, this is just part of the mainstream sports media trying to make sports fans care about women in sports.
The federal government is making sure that universities and colleges have equal participation of woman and men in sports. What it has led to is universities and colleges scrapping low-end men's athletics, say like wrestling, to make room for having an equal amount of women participating in intercollegiate sports.
And mystically, no one in fandom seems to care.
If that is not enough, a men's successful pro league keeping a women's league on life support, somehow there is the thought that there should be a women's pro soccer league.
Now we are treated to stories about the Women's Professional Soccer. And if you can not wait, there is the championship game this Saturday. Quick, which teams are in the championship? Answer at the end of this post.
The local side is the Los Angeles Sol. To accentuate my point, not once did the Sol sellout the 25,000 seat Home Depot Center in Carson, California. They had an opening game high attendance of 14,832. The lowest was 3,832.
Proving the point. Sports fans, men and yes, women, do not care about women's sports in the same way. Even with a push by sports sections, writers and television networks, no one cares.
And speaking of soccer, when are the same people going to get a clue about soccer in the United States?
Hint here. Just like women's sports, sports fans just do not like soccer. Even after a 40 year push, soccer is at a level worse than the old six-team National Hockey League.
The stadiums that are being built now for teams, including the aforementioned Home Depot Center, are 30,000 seaters or less. It is a concession that PEOPLE JUST DO NOT CARE ABOUT SOCCER TO ATTEND GAMES!
When I was younger, I admit that I liked soccer. I still have a liking to soccer. But, it is way, way down on the list of what I pay attention to in following sports. And I really, really believe that is how most people feel about soccer.
Yet, the aforementioned media keeps shoving soccer down our collective throats.
Sports fans, and non-sports fans, we just have to keep ignoring these attempts to force us to like sports we do not care about. Keep not going to WNBA games. Keep not going to WPS games. And keep not going to MLS games. These sports need to be put out of their misery.


namaste said...

i have always hated watching women's basketball. snoooooze-fest! great to see someone talking about this "out loud."

DoorHold said...

Reality vs Political Correctness. Gee, which will win in this day and age? Place your bets! :D

pilight said...

I don't understand why you're so concerned about the WNBA. It's not your money that's being spent.

Nikki said...

Let's be honest, can we really call them women? Just sayin. :)N

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