Monday, August 03, 2009

The Trojan Horse For A Massive Tax Hike

As I noted yesterday, two Obama administration officials did not rule out the possibility that President Obama will have to break the centerpiece of why he is the president of the United States.
The specter of raising taxes on the middle class.
Remember candidate Sen. Messiah Barack kept saying that 95% of taxpaying Americans would not see their taxes raised. That in fact, they would see a tax cut.
Well, this report about tax revenue at the lowest since the depths of the Great Depression may be the Trojan Horse that the administration will use to justify a massive tax hike.
The fact that tax revenues are dropping like an anvil from the sky will force President Obama to do several things.
One, President Obama will continue to pursue nationalizing one-sixth of the economy with the health care "reform" scam.
Another is that President Obama will call for a massive make work government program. You know, because the so-called economic "stimulus" worked so well.
In the mean time, there is no way that the government can function with an 18% drop in tax revenues. Unless the printing presses at the Bureau of Engraving are put in hyperdrive. Which will lead to inflation.
And, President Obama will turn to the American people and claim that the tax cut for the middle class he promised he can not do. He will tell the American people that he will have to raise taxes on everyone and everything that he can to cut a $1,800,000,000,000 deficit.
And once again, as I noted yesterday, another Democrat breaking a no tax hike on the middle class promise.
The Trojan Horse is already being set up.

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DoorHold said...

But ... but ... he PROMISED!

What was that website that was supposed to keep track of Obama's campaign promises? I wonder how that's goin'.