Monday, August 03, 2009

More From The Religion Of Peace

Over this past weekend, fanatical Islamics in Pakistan attacked Christians in a town in the Eastern part of the nation. Because of a rumor that several Christian youths "defiled" a copy of the Islamic holy book, the Koran.
Eight people, all Christians, were burned to death and scores injured homes burned to the ground as a banned, Taliban-like group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, incited the violence.
Not surprisingly, police simply stood around while hundreds of Islamofanatics went on their rampage according to Rafiq Masih, a resident of the predominantly Christian colony.
The Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, said that there was no truth to the rumor that the Koran was defiled. And Mr. Bhatti essentially corroborated Mr. Masih's account of the police standing around doing nothing. According to the linked article, Mr. Bhatti ordered the police to protect the Christians and they did not do so.
Now, as a Christian in 2009 in the United States, there is a constant stream of insulting, defiling and even using Christian symbols near and dear to our hearts and souls for so-called art. Remember the infamous "Piss Christ"? That was when some so-called artist depicted Jesus Christ in a jar of urine. Did Christians go to hunt down this artist and kill him? I am certain a small number felt like doing so, but overwhelmingly we did not.
Now before some commenter points to the murder of the late-term abortionist, Dr. George Tiller, remember the suspect is going to be tried and hopefully convicted of his most heinous act. And those that were most condemning what the suspect did were Christians.
You see, Christians face a lot of the kind of things that so upset the Islamic people. Only these people were egged on by fanatics that see every real and imagined act as an act against Islam.
In this case, there was no defilement of the Koran. Yet eight people, women and children, were burned alive.
This is the religion of peace in the hands of fanatics.
When will people wake up, in and out of Islam and fight these people? How many more non-Islamics have to die? Not to mention true, peace-loving Islamics that do want to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors?
It appears that many more will have to be martyrs until the civilized world unites to defeat these Islamoterrorists.

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DoorHold said...

Horrible, just horrible. But I can't help but think about riots in THIS country over nonsensical reasons; "Our team won! Let's burn down this business!" "A man got arrested! Let's beat up random people!" "We disagree with this political position! Let's tear down the city!"

The rumored desicration of a Holy Book is a poor excuse to riot and murder, but "My team won" isn't acceptable either.