Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Would Ronald Reagan Think Of The Tea Party And Opposition To Socialized Medicine?

It is interesting to note that it has been five years since former President Ronald Reagan went off to the Glory and met God.
But, I wonder if The Great Man is looking down on this nation that he loved so much what he thinks of those who have started the Tea Parties? Or those that are speaking out against President Obama and his plans to nationalize the health care delivery of the United States?
Well, we know that this has been making the rounds all over the internet. So we know that before I was even born, Mr. Reagan was speaking out against the government take over of health care delivery in this nation. Please, please watch it. Although it is not a video, it is a man that knew what was coming-back in 1961!
The fact is that many of those that do not like the "icky", straight talk of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan was doing it long before both of us could walk or talk. And that is for many of Mrs. Palin's and my generation.
What I think is that somewhere up there, Mr. Reagan is having a great laugh and telling friend and foe alike that he still has faith in the American people. It was because of someone like a Ronald Reagan, many Americans that felt they had no voice found a voice.
Again, it is amazing how the discussion of socialized medicine could be today. All that has to be done is tweak the names of the members of congress pursuing this Orwellian scheme. And almost all of the words are as real now as in 1961 when this first aired.
What Mr. Reagan talked about is something that he tried to do as president. Create what would be called block grants. That is when the federal government, with little if any strings attached, would give a state or other locality money to take care of a situation as they saw fit. And, that could be done today in regards to the so-called health care "reform" scam being foisted on the American people in congress.
The problem, as Mr. Reagan pointed out, is that it is when the government has all the control in it's hands. In other words, when the central government, in this case Washington, D. C., has all the power.
That is what is happening right now in the tax debate. As well as the debate over so-called health care "reform". In the Crap and Trade legislation. In all that is being proposed in almost every piece of legislation from the Democrat congress and the Obama administration.
What we, the American people, need to do is continue what we are doing. Continue the Tea Party movement. Continue to attend congressional town halls. Continue to speak out against the so-called health care "reform". Continue to speak out against federal tax policy. Continue to speak out against Crap and Trade. Continue to make congress listen to the people, for once. That is what Ronald Reagan would want us to do. It is time to win another one for the Gipper!


DoorHold said...

@RVLC: "The problem, as Mr. Reagan pointed out, is ... when the government has all the control in it's hands."

Unfortunately, recent Republicans have been taking such measures for some time. Not as blatantly or all-encompassing as "health care reform," but just as invasive to our freedom.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

What are you talking about?

Saint Ronnie is down in hell, screaming in agony, as the devil laughs and jesus weeps.