Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Adam Schiff Town Hall: A Clunker

Tonight, many of us opposed to the so-called health care "reform" scheme went to hear my congressman, Adam Schiff, at his town hall meeting.
And, not surprisingly, it was really a stacked deck.
But, to Congressman Schiff's credit, he changed the venue so that everyone who showed up was able to be heard. It moved from a 300 seat room in the library to the front of the Alhambra City Hall. And, there were at least 2,000 people that showed up. And without a doubt, the majority of the crowd were opponents of the so-called health care "reform".
And Congressman Schiff did answer some of the questions that I posed in an earlier post.

How do you plan to pay for this without raising taxes on the middle class?

The usual canard was the standard answer. Tax the wealthiest one percent of Americans. Of course what no one is told is that it will not be enough money to pay for the so-called health care "reform".

Can you assure any one that is on a private health insurance plan through their employer that they will be able to keep it?

Like President Obama, Congressman Schiff said but of course none of that would change. And what he left out of that answer is that employers will compare the cost of what they offer and the "public option" and stop offering health coverage and that employee would be dumped into the "public option", which is Orwellian speak for single-payer, government run health care.

Well, two out of six is not too bad in congressmanland.
But it was the panel of so-called "experts" that was annoying as anything.
Led by "moderator" Dr. Bruce Hensel, a local television doc and advocate of nationalizing health care, four other "experts" were proponents of single-payer, government run health care. There was not one that had a differing point of view. Fine, it is Congressman Schiff's town hall. But don't patronize those of us that showed up into thinking that there would be an open and honest debate on this most critical issue.
And, Congressman Schiff asked who wanted change, and the supporters that were outnumbered cheered, but not overly enthusiastically. When he asked who opposed, there was a sustained amount of booing and chanting against the so-called health care "reform".
I will leave you with that and report more tomorrow.
BTW, if you were there, please give your impressions.


Anonymous said...

I was there and noticed an even amount of supporters and opponents. I was deeply offended by many of the signs people were carrying around including with a mustache similar to Adolf Hitler Obama. I am all about free speech, but I also believe in my right to hear the speakers and unfortunately was not able to listen to those speakers because of constant screaming of obscenities. I spoke to some people on both sides to better understand their positions and found most of them to be reasonable people with real concerns. Unfortunately, many other people were yelling about euthanasia, more taxes and socialism. I'm confused when it comes to socialism. Arn't police, firefighters, public schools, the military forms of socialism? Nobody decries about them.

Anonymous said...

I was there and I think the opponents easily outnumbered the organized, bused in supporters with their preprinted, mass produced signs. This was made even more obvious when the opponents cheered MUCH louder than the supporters. It's too bad they have to start busing in people, just so they have some people on their side. Not to mention all the illegal aliens they brought....

Anonymous said...

I, too, was there and agree with the previous poster: The crowd was divided. When Rep. Schiff asked for a cheer from those in favor and then one from those opposed, both made plenty of noise, but, if anything, the pros made a little more. As for signs in the audience, yes, there were various angry or obscene signs carried by Republicans, but by a count, the signs carried by Democrats outnumbered the others by 2-1, to the point that when I arrived, I thought the crowd was overwhelmingly Democratic. In fact, as the previous poster says, it was divided.

Anonymous said...

The right-wing mob was fearful, hateful and rude. Count me glad I'm a liberal American.

We won this last election...remember?

Anonymous said...

I was there and arrived early in order to get a seat, I am handicapped. All of the seats had handicap signs on them and were saved for the Union people who were bussed in and were not handicapped. There should have been speakers on both sides of the issues but there weren't, and the crowd was tired of hearing from the shills Schiff put up and those of us who opposed the bill shouted for them to sit down and let us hear from Schiff but they didn't and it was boring. Schiff said that one-third of bankruptcy's are a result of costs of medical care. This absolutely not true and I shouted this fact to him and he paused for a second, but he continued to ply us with other untrue facts, which is typical Schiff methodology. I was impressed with the people who were there who opposed the bill and who obviously were not planted there by any right wing organization unlike what the SEIU did with their crowd.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Hey, this post has more idiots commenting than usual.