Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super News In New Jersey

The chair of the New Jersey Republican party, Jay Webber, must be smiling as not only does the Republican candidate for governor, Chris Christie, look like a shoe-in, but the Republicans may have a real shot at gaining the lower House of the New Jersey legislature.
According to Mr. Campaign Spot, the Republicans lead in the generic ballot, the Republicans have a two-point advantage, 45% to 43%. Now, no doubt that is in the margin of error. But, in generic ballots the Republicans usually are behind to the end. But if they are in the margin of error, they can pull off a win.
If the Republicans gain not just the governor's mansion but a House of the New Jersey legislature, it is spectacular news for the national GOP.
New Jersey is as blue and bad as California. If the GOP can score big wins in such a state, it means that the trend in 2010 will be with the GOP.
Let us not forget the race for governor in Virginia. Attorney general Bob McDonnell is leading Democrat Craig Deeds by double-digits.
Now, 2010 maybe some real hope and change. And leading the way maybe the New Jersey Republicans.

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