Thursday, August 13, 2009

Young People And The Town Hall

Much has been made about the rise of the senior citizen in opposition to the so-called health care "reform" being pushed by President Obama and his allies. And rightfully so.
But I want to take a different look at the most overlooked segment of the movement against the nationalization of one-sixth the private economy.
This past Tuesday at Congressman Adam Schiff's Schifftacular Town Hall, one thing that I noticed was the large amount of young people.
I am writing about the coveted 18-34 year-old demographic..
The surprise was how many of these young people were against so-called health care "reform".
Much was made in the Death March of the 2008 presidential campaign about these young potential voters. How enamoured these young people were with then Sen. Messiah Barack. And yes, he did win these voters. And won them overwhelmingly.
So, what has happened between election day and today?
Many of these young people are doing something that they now realize they should have done before election day.
They are getting informed. They are reading a lot of different sources. Listening to people all across the political spectrum. They are probably indirectly learning something from their parents and most importantly their grandparents.
They are coming to realize that there is a real cost to all the Hope and Change The One promised during the Death March presidential campaign.
It is very possible that many of these people coming to oppose the so-called health care "reform" voted for The One. And it is very possible that many of these people are coming to think that they were hoodwinked into believing that there would be no real cost for the Hope and Change. They are coming to realize that there is a real cost, that they will have to pay, for nationalizing one-sixth of the private economy.
Now, I am not suggesting a wholesale shift among young voters. But if what I saw on Tuesday night is an indication, the stranglehold of young voters that the Democrats think they have may not be the case.
Many of these young people were probably recent college graduates and facing a grim job market. And, many will take jobs that they may have not taken when the economy was on all cylinders. And in doing so, they realize that one thing they will have is choice in health care. From their potential employer. From a myriad of private plans that they may pay for completely out of pocket. Or maybe no health coverage at all. But what they have is choice. And, under the end result of the plans touted in congress, they will not have that all-American value. Choice.
Also, the young people may not be in any hurry to encourage granny or gramps to end their life courtesy of a visit from some government health care worker every five years. Because they may have come to realize that some day, it will be them that the government health care worker will be coming to visit and encourage to take an easy way out to the permanent dirt nap.
What ever the reason, the Democrats may have trouble keeping the same numbers of young voters in their camp come the 2010 mid-term elections. The Dear Leader, President Obama, will not be on the ballot then. It will be a different playing field for he will have been president for two years. All the issues that he and his allies blame on former President George W. Bush are at that point his. And this push to nationalize health care may be the issue that turns the young voters the other way.
All I can report was that I was thrilled to see young voters getting involved in the process. Going to the Adam Schifftacular is a start. Keeping them involved and encouraged is the job for all of us that want real reform, not nationalization and gutting of the greatest health care on God's Green Earth.
I want to leave all of us to encourage more from these young people. They are bucking the trend. They are, as I often note, the real rebels.

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DoorHold said...

I heard young people objecting to the O' takeover must be insurance company plants or Republican thugs. ;)