Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Teachable Moment That Was Not

Last Thursday, President Obama brought together so-called Harvard "scholar" Henry Gates, Jr. and the Bull Conner of Cambridge, Sgt. James Crowley together for some beer and a lot of hot air that did not produce the "teachable moment" so many of the Obamawhores in the Mainstream Media promised would occur.

The reality is that we learned that the so-called "scholar" could not bring himself to apologize for causing himself to be arrested. And that Sgt. Bull Conner Crowley has more class in his pinkie than Mr. Gates will have in a lifetime.

Look at the following photo after the White House Beerfest:

Who is helping the so-called "scholar" down the White House stairs? Is it the friend of Mr. Gates, President Obama? No?! Why its none other than Sgt. Bull Conner Crowley. The same eeevvviiiiiillllll Sgt. Crowley that has taught fellow Cambridge police officers against racial profiling. The same Sgt. Crowley that tried in vain to save the life of the late Reggie Lewis, Boston Celtics basketball star. And yes, Mr. Lewis was Black. Yes sir, that Sgt. Crowley is the face of the rightfully hated Bull Conner.

Even the so-called "scholar" admitted that President Obama did nothing to use the Beerfest as a "teachable moment". And, Sgt Bull Conner Crowley said that Mr. Gates and himself agreed to disagree on the situation that led to Mr. Gates arrest in the first place.

What happened is that President Obama took time from a press conference to answer a planted question on the Crowley-Gates matter. And without his friend, the teleprompter, President Obama sounded like he was kind of sort of listening to the paragon of race relations, the former "Rev." Jeremiah Wright.

Do you remember him? You know, the former pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ. The church that Barack Obama and family attended for 20 years. The church of God D--- America. The church of The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost. Oh, but remember, then presidential candidate Sen. Messiah Barack claimed that he did not remember the "Rev." Wright preaching such things.

Yet amazingly, the president began his answer by admitting that "I don't know all the facts" and proceeded to comment on a local matter that he admits he knew nothing about. And, he claimed that the officers in the Crowley-Gates matter acted "stupidly".

The "teachable moment" was that once the pollmeisters at the White House told President Obama that maybe he did not say the right things on the Crowley-Gates matter that there was some of that classic Obama backsliding. And eventually, some brain trust came up with a brilliant idea. Hey, lets have these two guys over to the White House for a couple of beers. The "teachable moment" was that President Obama and his Mainstream Mediawhores were playing the classic game, CYA. Yes, "Cover Your A--".

That is all that came from the "teachable moment". A little CYA and showing one Sgt. Crowley in a much more positive light than the so-called "scholar" Mr. Gates.

I can hardly wait for the next "teachable moment" from our president. Because you know there are more coming.

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DoorHold said...

"The "teachable moment" was that President Obama and his Mainstream Mediawhores were playing the classic game, CYA."

Did The Great Father give any clue what he was trying to teach us? Alcohol soothes racial tension? "Can't we all just get along" is now, "Can't we all just get a beer?"

I see now why some people think we go to great lengths to AVOID actually talking about racial issues in any meaningful way (and demonstrates exactly WHO it is that's avoiding honest dialog).