Saturday, August 08, 2009

Many Reasons People Have Had It With Big Govenment

Of course maybe this story in The Wall Street Journal may see the light of day. And if it does, add this to the list of reasons people are tired of big, unresponsive govenment.

While the debate over the so-called health care "reform" is the top o' the news-and rightfully so-there are a multitude of reasons why people are getting rather upset over the cost of big government. And the lack of return in it.
This example simply shows how out of touch the Democrat congressional leadership is. So, Grand Dame Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) can not fly with the little people when she comes back to the not-so Golden State? Anyone else in the Democrat congressional leadership? On this, timing is everything and with the economy in dire straits, congress asking for $200,000,000 for airplanes for it's own use smacks of hypocrisy and elitism. And, to be fair, the planes for congressional leaders were appropriated after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. But, even then I do not think that it was a wise use of taxpayer dollars.
The so-called "Cash For Clunkers" program has been called a rousing success because the $1,000,000,000 originally allocated ran out within days. But, take a close look and the outcome that this program, approved by congress and signed by President Obama, is not quite what it seems to be. The idea of "Cash For Clunkers" was for the government to give a $3,500 to $4,500 "incentive rebate" for people to trade in their old, low-mileage gas-guzzlers for supposed "greener", high mileage cars. Well, would you be surprised to know that the great guzzler of all, the Chevy Hummer is a car you can get in trade? How about the Ford Escape, an SUV? Now, the Ford Escape does make a hybrid model, but there is no differential in the trade. And, why is this little subsidy being provided by the government in the first place? Maybe to try to get consumers to buy American cars? Too bad that the Toyota Corolla is the top car in trade. Oh, and congress appropriated another $2,000,000,000 to encourage car sales now instead of later.
Of course there is the nearly $800,000,000,000 so-called economic "stimulus" bill passed in the halcyon early days of the Obama administration. A rip-roaring 10%, if that, is actually going to supposedly stimulate the moribund economy.
Then there are the infamous congressional town hall meetings taking place this month.
Many members of congress know that for the most part these meetings are attended by few, if any, constituents. And if it is any kind of big deal, they almost always stack the deck of people who support their members on any given issue. Thus, opponents are seen as kind of sort of out of touch. But now, because many Americans see congress as out of touch, going on a spending spree while they have to make serious cuts to their budgets, they are showing up to these meetings. And the congressmen and congresswomen are not used to it. Those that support the so-called health "reform" legislation have been in the Washington cocoon for so long, and seem to hang with those that suck up to them rather than tell the truth, are stunned. Stunned that there really is opposition to a nationalization of one-sixth of the private economy. Of taking choice away from the American people.
So, congress members do not get this righteous anger bubbling up. The supporters of nationalizing health care delivery in the United States usually have supporters rather than opponents. Thus, they are caught off guard. And some just lose it as the case of this congressman in Georgia.
David Scott is the Democrat representative from Georgia's thirteenth district. And he starts off seemingly reasonable, answering the question. But because the questioner keeps pressing the congressman, he just can not take it. Congressman Scott resorts to saying that it was not the time or place for the question. Because it was another event.
Get a clue Congressman Scott. People are really frustrated. And they want answers. They want to know what will be the outcome of voting for nationalizing health care delivery. And they do not want any going around the question in typical politician fashion.
Just as we Republicans had to learn the hard way about what happens when the political class get out of touch with the voters, the Democrats may have to learn the same hard lesson.

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