Monday, August 03, 2009

Aw, Shucks! Lefties Do Not Like Obama/Socialist Poster

Like clockwork, a local Los Angeles race huckster, Earl Ofari Hutchinson has deemed the Obama/Socialist poster to be racist. The money quote from Mr. Hutchinson:

"Depicting the president as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery. It is mean-spirited and dangerous."

Really, Mr. Hutchinson? Hey, look at this post and at the depiction of former President George W. Bush. Think that is not a wee bit on the demonic side? Oh and Mr. Hutchinson, the image of the Dear Leader is not demonic. It is a Joker! Grow up, Mr. Hutchinson!

It appears that the Obama/Socialist poster highlighted here yesterday has touched a nerve.

The LA Weekly, a left-wing "alternative" throwaway newspaper seems to not like the depiction of President Obama on the poster. The Weekly does not like the pasty, Joker appearance a la Heath Ledger.

Are you kidding?! To push the agenda that the Dear Leader is trying to do automatically makes him the Joker. As I noted yesterday, I think it is rather insulting to the Joker. But really. Can we not have a little fun with the Dear Leader? Why does the LA Weekly mention that "all that's missing is a noose"? Take a look at the Obama/Socialist photos

Was this same publication so sanguine when all matter of insult was hurled at former President George W. Bush? How about all of the Nazi references and depictions? Oh, in case you may have forgotten, here is a cover of The Village Voice

Someone is having some fun and some fringe Obamawhores are whining and crying.

How does it feel now Obamawhores?!

DOUBLE HT: Mark Hemingway @ The Corner


skeneogden said...

Lefties are notoriously thin skinned and easily outraged when a little fun is poked at one of their own. It's funny how they always try to paint the right as dour, but can't see it in themselves. Lighten up guys, this is politics is all about. You did it to our guy, now we're just returning the favor.

The open sewer of commentary that spewed from the left at the Bush Administration can't seem to smell their own stench.

DoorHold said...

Unfortunately, the fact is the left has more media clout. When conservatives complain about the treatment of conservative icons -- who's listening? When liberals complain about the treatment of liberal icons -- EVERYBODY hears about it, because they control most media.

Then there's the whole they're a bunch of f'n whiney hypocrites thing. :)