Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Myth Of The Conservative Democrat

I know that there is no such animal as a "conservative" Democrat. Trust me. If there was, I could easily be a Democrat. Not real likely, but a possibility.
To back up this, I took a look at the American Conservative Union's rankings as of 2008. The linked chart shows that terms rating and the congressman's lifetime ACU rating.
Now, my formula is to take the Democrats of the 2008 group, make sure that they have at least a lifetime rating of 30% and average it out. Based on that, there were 26 Democrat congressmen with at least a 30% lifetime ACU rating. And the average term of service for that group is 16 years of service. With that, the average ACU rating for these 26 Democrats is 46%. Only three had a ranking of 50% or better. They are Gene Taylor (D-Miss) at 66. Also Lincoln Davis (D-Tenn). And rounding off the top three is Mike McIntyre (D-NC) at 52%.
I find that formula to be rather generous, but you see the point. There is no one but maybe Mr. Taylor of Mississippi that can be called a conservative Democrat.
The reality is that the conservative Democrat has been brought way down. What does being a conservative Democrat mean? Maybe pro-life? Maybe against some taxes and for others?
And just what does this conservative moniker mean when many of these members have voted for a failed so-called economic "stimulus. For the Crap and Trade Globaloney Warming tax. And now maybe on the cusp of voting for nationalizing the health care industry. That does not seem to be conservative by any stretch of the imagination.
Yet, the DDBMSOWM keep pushing that there are these "Blue-dog", fiscal conservative Democrats that are holding up nationalizing the health care industry. Really? If these members were concerned about the potential cost of this monstrosity, they would say thanks, but no thanks and vote against any of the proposals floating around congress.
No, these so-called conservative Democrats become even more extinct when the 2010 midterm elections occur. After all, that paragon of moderation, Congresswoman Maxine Mad Dog Walters (D-Cal) had this to say about all of these so-called "conservative" Democrats:

"On the one hand, [the Blue Dogs] don't want to spend money but, on the other hand, they want to spend money when they think it benefits them or their districts, and so they have a powerful bloc. They're holding it up and that is as clear as can be."
"The chickens have come home to roost."

Ouch! A little Jeremiah Wright by Mad Dog Waters!
What she does not realize is that without these so-called "conservative" Democrats, the House of Representatives would get to some very uncomfortable majorities for the Democrats. The Dems would probably have about 230 seats rather than the 257 they have now. See what I mean?
Not that it will matter.
If 2010 is a bloodbath for the Democrats at the national and the state level, Mad Dog Waters will yearn for these so-called "conservative" Democrats.
Until then, please stop using the conservative label for these Democrats. Moderate, maybe. But, as noted, there is no such animal as a conservative Democrat.

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DoorHold said...

I don't think the moniker "blue-dog Democrat" is being used to define one's position on a political scale, but to demonize, ridicule and cajole ALL Democrats into voting with the left-wing radicals.

The sooner the accused blue-dogs get that and make up their OWN minds about what's actually best for this nation, the better off we'll be.