Sunday, August 02, 2009

Los Angeles Episcopalians May Get A Gay Or Lesbian Bishop-What Can Go Wrong?!

Leave it to the Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles, the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, but he is firing the first shot across the Anglican bow in the homosexual saga that threatens the "unity" of the Anglican Communion.
The Rt. Rev. Bruno affirmed six finalists to fill two suffragan bishop positions in the Diocese of Los Angeles.
And of course there is one openly gay candidate and one openly lesbian finalist.
The openly gay candidate is the Rev. John Kirkley from St. John the Evangelist in San Francisco.
Insert laugh track here.
The openly lesbian candidate is the Rev. Cannon Mary Douglas Glasspool, cannon to the bishops of the Diocese of Maryland.
OK, so what can go wrong with these two finalists?
Well, since the Episcopal Church convention of 2009, when the Church decided that they would ignore the majority of the Anglican Communion and openly seek to ordain gay and lesbians to the bishopric, there has been a move to have a new, unified rival Anglican Church of North America be recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion as a whole. Chances are that there will be two churches recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rt. Rev. Rowan Williams and with that a floodgate of Exodus from the Episcopal Church to the rival Anglican Church of North America.
And if the Episcopal Church thinks that it will not happen, I think that it will. With anywhere from 85,000 to 100,000 in 615 churches throughout the United States and Canada, it is the most serious threat to the Episcopal Church in the over 220 year history of the Church.
Not to mention that in the Los Angeles diocese, three churches have left the Episcopal Church and are in litigation for the buildings that the Los Angeles diocese say are theirs. The three are led by St. James, Newport Beach, St Davids, North Hollywood and St. Luke's, La Crescenta. And the chances are that if any and or all three eventually prevail and get to keep the church property, other churches in the Los Angeles diocese that have been on the fence may take a true leap of faith and leave the diocese.
Of course, all of this is costing the Diocese of Los Angeles a lot of money. Money that will eventually run out whether the Rt. Rev. Bruno gets it or not. Money to save face and property will not rain down like manna from Heaven.
So, the bishop of the flock of Los Angeles decides to thrown gas on a fire and let two people, one gay and one lesbian be in line to possibly become an assistant bishop. And if neither is approved, look for the modernists to be upset.
Good luck keeping and gaining new members with this strategy, Rt. Rev. Bruno.

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Anonymous said...

Well since this is the first response to your ignorance, I'll take it you views are not read by many. It must be lonely on the left coast to have such a narrow staright forward view. Your insecurities shine straight through your blog. Your facts on the properties is incorrect..... The diocese has won some of the law suits and will most likely win the remaining. It really is truly sad to read your blog in this day and age when so many help the less fortunate and care for those who cannot care for themselves and all you see is that persons sexual orientation. The world is a better place because of those that care more for humanity than they do their own personal agendas, unlike yourself. Nobody says not to have your opinions but you should respect differences rather that alienate those who do not share your views.