Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is This Maybe Why There Is An About Face On The "Public Option"?

It appears that the Obama administration may, just may, be getting the message on the so-called health care "reform" and is about to drop the "public option"-single payer socialized medicine.
Could the reason be that a system just to North, Canada, is in very bad shape? That the single-payer socialized system is about to "implode"?
If the assessment of the incoming head of the Canadian Medical Association is to be taken seriously, then the push for socialized medicine being made by the Obama administration could be DOA-dead on arrival.
The fact that there is talk about allowing private insurance companies to compete with the government-run health scheme is comforting. It is a realization that socialized medicine does not and is not working.
One of the worst aspects of socialized medicine is that the majority of those covered are subjected to unrealistic waits for simple doctor visits. And if it goes beyond the average doctor visit, be prepared for a much longer wait. And, under that people are literally dying. Many Canadians have had it and if they can, they are coming to the United States to have the kind of care that we Americans take for granted.
Let us hope that the Obama administration is moving away from the single-payer scheme and try to get them on to real reform, such as tort reform, allowing people and companies to purchase insurance across state lines.


cheap said...

but without public opinion you cant do ant thing..

DoorHold said...

It took a lot of people, a relatively long period of time, continuously tea-bagging O., for him to finally get their message, "Do. Not. Want."