Friday, January 26, 2007

Sign The Pledge!

Sorry, I have had some computer issues and not been able to blog.
But, the capitulation of the Republican leadership to allow the Biden Resolution to come to a vote without a serious fight is undermining the war effort in Iraq. If you do not believe me, General Petraeus, who was confirmed today by an 81-0 vote of the senate, says it will.
It is nothing more than the I-hate-George W. Bush crowd to stick it to him. Of course, this is a meaningless resolution because it is just a sense of the senate resolution, no legal binding. But, while the Bush haters go after the president, they are using American soldiers for their cheap political stunt.
Please, go to and show the senate Republican leadership that you mean business. Sign the pledge that Hugh Hewitt ( that WE will not support their cave in and to stop using us when it comes to election time and OUR cash and not even stand up to cheap-shot Democratic senators.

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