Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Should The United States Announced How We Disposed Of The bin Laden Body?

No, I say no, no, no! The United States should not have announced that before the corpse of one Osama bin Laden was tossed in the open sea, he was sent off with a full Islamic corpse-laying.
Or in this case, a full Islamic ceremony before being tossed to the fishes and the sharks.
One of the reasons for this constant pronouncement from all involved is that this is so the Islamic world does not think we, the eeeeevvviiiiilllll Americans would desecrate the body of the world's most wanted man.
But, the simple act of the brave Special Forces killing bin Laden is enough for the fanatics.
Also, the argument goes that actually burying bin Laden in the ground would create some kind of shrine that the followers and sympathisers can use as a rallying point.
Well, I think that the compound if Abbotabad, Pakistan, will become such a site. No doubt that it will be torn down, but everyone will know where it was, no matter what.
All that should have been announced is that the body of bin Laden has been dealt with. Period. No need to announce if it was buried or tossed into the sea. Let the fanatics and conspiracy nuts go to town on it. They will anyway.
But because the Obama administration may be splitting hairs on whether or not it was a proper disposal of the bin Laden corpse, it makes constant pronouncement that they did abide by Islamic precepts on burial harder to prove correct.
It was and is a clear political decision what occurred in respect to the disposal of the bin Laden corpse.
Had the Obama administration simply buried the body in an unmarked grave, said nothing, it probably would be more correct than the appearance of political correctness.
In and of itself, what was done may have been proper. I worry more that this will still be seen by the whack jobs as a desecration of the bin Laden corpse.
The whack jobs and the conspiracy nuts either believe that bin Laden is still alive, has been dead for a long time or, strangely, a combination of both. So, no matter what, anything will be seen as suspect.
But announcing that bin Laden was given a full Islamic sendoff to the 72 virgins, that may come back to haunt the Obama administration more than we realize.

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