Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Good News For Trump

As an opponent of Donald J. Trump, these polls on the surface are rather disappointing as they almost all show him in the lead and at 50% in Massachusetts.
But there are caveats that are a glimmer of hope if you, like me, oppose the Donald.
For one, John Kasich has some splainin' to do since he is not leading in his home state. The Donald has a five-point lead with 31% to 26% for Gov. Kasich. The rationale for the Kasich candidacy seems to be falling apart if he can not lead in his home state.
That is not a problem for Sen. Ted Cruz as he has a comfortable eight-point lead in his home state of Texas. Sen. Cruz has a solid 37% to the Donald's 29%. Sen. Cruz is also leading in New Mexico but only by one point and it is a bunch at the top three.
Even Sen. Marco Rubio has some good news as he is leading in Utah by two percent. The interesting thing here is that the Donald is in third place with 18% of the vote.
Now there are eight states that have polling regarding next Tuesday's Super Tuesday primary.
So play along to note something.
If you add the percentages of the eight polls here, the Donald averages a solid 31%. If one combines Sen. Cruz averaging 21% and Sen. Rubio averaging 18%, the two leading anti-Trump candidacy with 37% of the vote. And if Gov. Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson were to drop out of the race and their support was distributed evenly, the anti-Trump forces still lead 42% to 37%.
So is it possible that someone may see the handwriting on the wall and drop out before next week? It is unlikely but possible depending on tonight's caucus in Nevada. It appears that Sen. Rubio is now getting a huge boost of elected members of congress supporting him. The Donald just has to hold steady and hope the bleeding on the right continues.
My guess is that by next Wednesday both Gov. Kasich and Dr. Carson will suspend their campaigns. For Gov. Kasich, he needs to be running a national campaign and he is not. For Dr. Carson, He is not gaining but losing support and even his most ardent supporters will ask him to leave with a modicum of dignity.
We shall see a lot more polling and who will come out with a chance to be the anti-Trump. My guess is that will be Sen. Rubio. Then it will be Mano a Mano.

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