Monday, February 08, 2016

Pro-Abortion Group Slams Doritos Super Bowl Ad

If one does not think that the so-called pro-choice crowd is really pro-abortion, the histrionics of NARAL Pro-Choice America during yesterday's Super Bowl should put it to rest.
Doritos chips put out what I thought was a funny commercial as seen above.
As I was watching the game in a large group, it was more of a visual look as I did not pick up everything that was being said.
But according to NARAL, this was a horrible commercial.
Well, here is the tweet down below:

#NotBuyingIt - that @Doritos ad using #antichoice  tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight #SB50.

How dare Doritos humanize a baby in the womb! How dare they! And showing a future dad as clueless! And showing an uptight mom to be!
Gee, you know, its just a commercial. Something to illicit laughs and get people to purchase a particular product; in this case Doritos chips.
But no, no, no. There was a social and political agenda there according to the NARAL folks.
If you actually watch the commercial, it is obvious that the baby, and yes I will call it a baby at this point, is nearly full-term. The doctor even says that it is due any day now. It is what a baby looks like nearly full-term in the womb.
Ahh, but if what NARAL would call a fetus is humanized in any way, even to and out of the womb, then they would have to admit that it is killing a human life. Thus it was terrible that an apparently full-term baby would be referred to as such.
Science, not feelings, is confirming that which most pro-lifers believe. That there is a point a baby is such and that many can survive out of the womb not at just nine months but in as little as seven months. There is a point that a woman and a man are making a conscious choice to kill a human being.
That is why NARAL was so offended. Oh sure, they thought that they would throw in supposed stereotypes because, if you go to the first link, they were watching every commercial for perceived slights against the gals in particular.
This is what is wrong with the Social Justice Warrior crowd.
They do not have any life and are not happy people.
No really,  they are not happy. Happy people, or people who don't care, would not freak out over a commercial in which it was clear it was stereotyping. That is a lot of humor. In this case, it was lighthearted at best and in reality really making the male look stupid. That is something that the entertainment industry has been doing since, well at least the advent of mass television in the 1950s. Happy people, or people who don't care, would not use good time to waste looking for real and or perceived slights on any particular group. Happy people, or people that don't care, usually look at a glass as half-full. Unhappy and or SJWs look at a glass as half-empty and want the whole glass.
There is a correlation between why conservative leaning people tend to be happy and content. It is not that we do not see that there are real problems. It is that we do not look at everything as a problem. We know that the world is not a perfect place. We seek different, time-proven solutions.
On the other hand, liberal leaning people see nothing but problems. Everything requires some kind of government solution. Even if it makes a problem worse. And most important is that they see conservatives not merely as maybe wrong but evil. Our minds have to be changed on any given topic. If not, friendships are often at risk. Sometimes families get divided over "issues".
One problem is when conservatives think that they will be just as bad as liberals and see things as a problem or an issue as a form of one-upmanship. Thus we could, and some are, just as bad scolds as the other side.
I just wanted to watch some of the Super Bowl and enjoy a few commercials. Is that so much to ask? Do I have to think about when life begins? According to NARAL, I do. We all do.
We are so doomed.

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