Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Truth from the Archbishop

An interview in this past Sunday's Times of London ( with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord George Carey, was not only eye opening but sad for those of us in the Episcopal Church that agree with him and his points.
The Main points in his own words:
1)"I think there is a view around that practicing Christianity and all the symbols that go with it embarrasses people of other faiths and of course thats nonsense."
2)"We can't keep faith out of politics or out of public life, Its part of our own indentity."
3)"We must avoid the kind of political correctness that is creeping in and undermining the public expression of the Christian faith."
That is exactly the point those of us who are Christian and Episcopalian have been trying to say, espcially in this season of open warfare by anti-Christian zealots with regard to Christmas.
Where is our Presiding Bishop, the Most Right Reverend Frank Griswold? Where is our local bishop for the Diocese of Los Angeles, the Right Reverend Jon Bruno? Stunningly silent.
This Christian and Episcopalian is silent no more.
Do not be ashamed at wishing people a Merry Christmas. Use it as an oppertunity to talk about your church of your own realtionship with Jesus Christ.
Do not be ashamed of sharing the Gospel in whatever way you are comfortable with.
It is time for those of us who are serious about our faith to say so, and proudly!

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