Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Warning About Prime Minister David Cameron

OK folks, do not say that I did not warn you about the new, "Conservative" British Prime Minister, David Cameron.
It appears that he suffers from political dyslexia.
Prime Minister Cameron actually referred to himself as a "liberal conservative" yesterday.
What does that even mean?!
But in doing his self-description, Prime Minister Cameron added two members of the defeated Labour party as advisers.
But, not really all that unexpected.
One of the advisers is a left-wing "intellectual" named Will Hutton. He is a writer for the left-wing Guardian newspaper. And even too radical for the Labour party.
As I noted, what you get in Prime Minister Cameron is a little George H. W. Bush, a little John "F--- You" McCain and President Dear Leader, Barack Obama.
Too bad that there is not some Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher in Prime Minister Cameron.

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Phoenixism said...

A liberal conservative??? WTF??

Is that anything like a straight homo?