Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Election Day In The UK-Conservatives Will Triumph

It is already Thursday in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and it is polling day. We in the ol' colonies call it election day.
On this day, the Conservative party, led by David Cameron will be the majority party in the parliament at the end of the evening. The only question is whether or not they will have an outright majority or form a coalition government with members of parliament from Northern Ireland or a minority government that will not last long.
The last of the daily tracking polls from You Gov show that the Conservatives have a lead, but that the Labour and Liberal Democrats are essentially tied for second.
But the problem is no matter how hard they try to make this general poll an American style election, it can not be done.
Essentially, there are 650 different election polls taking place in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The party that wins 326 of those different election polls is the majority party in parliament and will be asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form the next government.
A while back it appeared that Mr. Cameron would have no problem securing the 326 seats to form the next government. But then came along a guy named Nick Clegg.
Mr. Clegg is the leader of the Liberal Democrats. And in an attempt to Americanize the election, the three main party leaders, Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative leader, Mr. Cameron, and Lib Dem leader Mr. Clegg had an American-style presidential debate televised across the land. And apparently, Mr. Clegg used the playbook from the Dear Leader, President Obama, and banded about, UGH, 'hope and change'. And it has worked enough to give Mr. Clegg a potential shot at being the loyal opposition to the Cameron-led Conservatives.
Make no mistake though. Mr. Cameron ain't no Margaret Thatcher. Think of Mr. Cameron as a combo of George H. W. Bush-'kinder, gentler conservative', John "F--- You" McCain-believes on fairy tales like Globaloney Warming, and the Dear Leader, President Obama. I would say it is a Trifecta of Impotence, but it seems that it is the best the Conservatives have had since former prime minister John Major.
The bright side is that a Cameron government will bring along some good conservatives leading some of the cabinet posts.
Former Conservative leader William Hague will become the Foreign Secretary. Mr. Hague may have not led the Tories to victory under his leadership, but he is an acolyte of Mrs. Thatcher. The new Defence Secretary will be Dr. Liam Fox. He will provide solid leadership and continue the British involvement in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror. Another intriguing new face will be that of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, equivalent to the Treasury Secretary, and that is George Osbourne.
My prediction is that the Conservatives will win an outright majority. 330 seats. A bare majority, but a majority none-the-less.
Mr. Cameron may be the right man for the right time and restore the Special Relationship between the UK and the United States. One can only hope for that kind of change.

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