Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pasadena Wusses Out On Illegal Immigration Resolution

Much to my surprise, the Pasadena city council passed a rather tame resolution "condemning" the state of Arizona for actually having the termidity to pass a law that solidifies federal law in regards to illegal immigration.
Pasadena is following the lead of many liberal-left cities across the United States putting it 2 centavos in the nose of Arizona's business. After all, since many within the Dear Leader, President Obama's administration have not read the 10 page law, one has to wonder how many members of the Pasadena city council did before the wussy vote? Or better yet, how many of the council members do not realize that they should carry some form of identification in public?
Leave it to Councilman Victor Gordo to come up with this gem:

"Simply failing to be in possession of certain documents should not subject any American to arrest," Councilman Victor Gordo said. "A few years ago I was cited by a (California Highway Patrol) officer for having left home in a hurry and having left my wallet. No American should be subject to arrest for making that simple mistake."

You know what. I have forgotten my wallet too on occasion. But, if I am stopped by law enforcement and do not have any ID, they have an obligation to find out who I am. For all that officer knew, Councilman Gordo could have been Charles Manson redeaux. So, the office had good reason to cite Councilman Gordo. If the story he told is even true. Oh, and if one is driving without his or her driver's license, again the police can cart you off to jail. And if you are not a citizen and do not have papers as to your status in the United States, according to federal law it is grounds for deportation.
As expected, the council chambers was ripe with the left-wing pressure groups intimidating anyone that did not vote in the affirmative on the resolution.
But, two city council members did vote against the resolution.
The two heroes are Terry Tornek and my Councilman, Margaret McAustin. In fact, Councilman McAustin gave the money quote of the night:

"We spent more time on this issue than we did on the budget ... I think we need to keep our priorities straight."

Bada bing! Spot on sister! And, Councilman McAustin does oppose the Arizona law. But, she is right. Cities that are facing huge budget shortfalls are obsessed with a law that does not even take effect until July 29.
But, for the left it is all about posturing. It is about making their feelings known. Never mind that nothing can be done by any city that is hell bent on condemning or boycotting Arizona for taking action. Just as Arizona can not do anything about Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco. Cities that simply thumb their nose at immigration laws that are on the books. Arizona has chosen to strictly enforce the laws. San Francisco, meh!
The good thing is that the resolution simply condemns the Arizona law. And a concurrent resolution asks congress for, UGH!, so-called comprehensive immigration "reform". There is no boycott out of this.
But it wasted a lot of time. Time that, as Councilman McAustin pointed out, could have been used to deal with a budget that affects Pasadena directly.
In the end, Pasadena decided to wuss out. But it squarely came down against Arizona. And that is the real shame of it all.

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Anonymous said...

This was a sad evening for Pasadena and most of us will never know it. Well one day most will as we slip towards unlawfulness. That is exactly what our leaders supported. Defend the unlawful from another state and stick their fingers in the eyes of the residents here that do follow are laws and uphold our institutions to higher standards. One being law enforcement. Imagine be a officer but afraid to use your personal judgement for fear of being sued, losing your job or ridiculed. Shameful.