Saturday, May 08, 2010

David Cameron Making A Big Mistake

In the just concluded British elections, the Conservative party won the most seats, but not an absolute majority. There went that prediction!
But, what the Conservative leader, David Cameron, is embarking on is a huge mistake.
It appears that Mr. Cameron is going to try to create a coalition government with the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg.
At least Mr. Cameron hopes that he can convince Mr. Clegg to join him.
It is a huge mistake for Mr. Cameron to make.
Look at the election map of the United Kingdom today. It is, correct colors, BTW, a sea of Conservative blue. Sure, they may not have the requisite 326 seats, but they have the majority of voters on their side.
They can take the lead of the Conservative party in Canada.
Led by Stephen Harper, the Conservatives have won two consecutive elections, but not a majority of seats in the parliament. And he has gone to govern with only his party. No coalition. And the party gained seats in the last election.
That would be the way for Mr. Cameron to go.
In another article, it appears that the current prime minister, Labour leader Gordon Brown, has all but burned any attempts to try a coalition with Mr. Clegg and his Lib Dems. The old saying that one can get more with honey than vinegar does not apply with Mr. Brown.
It was a messy election and the while the results do show the British people want something different than Labour and Gordon Brown, David Cameron has not completely sealed the deal. And he could seal the deal if he goes it alone.

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