Monday, May 17, 2010

Should Chuck DeVore Drop Out Of The California Senate Race?

This is a painful post to write.
It is painful because I have been, and still consider myself, a supporter of California Republican senate candidate Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.
But, there is a time to support and believe my candidate can really win and for reality to set in.
The reality is that unless Mr. DeVore can raise himself to at least be tied with fellow Republican candidate Carly Fiorina in polling, it is time for Mr. DeVore to consider the unthinkable.
To drop out of the race and endorse Carly Fiorina.
There are three words that make this a potential necessity.
Terrible Tom Campbell.
Whatever you think about Mrs. Fiorina, she is no where near the Republican In Name Only, or RINO, that Terrible Tom is. And, Terrible Tom is exactly the politician that we do not need right now to send to the Nation's Capital. We need someone that is not obsessed with climbing the political ladder.
Terrible Tom is one of those that has been priming a climb up the ladder. In fact, Terrible Tom has been jonesing for any senate seat since 1992.
In 1992, Terrible Tom ran against Sonny Bono and political commentator Bruce Herschenshon. It was a epic battle, but Mr. Herschenshon prevailed for the Republican nod.
In 2000, Terrible Tom was given the Republican nomination for senate. He ran against Dianne Feinstein. And guess what? HE LOST! And badly, getting only 37% of the vote statewide.
So, this time around, Terrible Tom thought, gee maybe I can be governor. After all, I gave the current governor, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, some wonderful advice. Like raising taxes. Even though I keep touting myself as a fiscal conservative.
But, being mired in the single digits in polling, Terrible Tom pulls a switcheroo and decides, maybe the third time will be a charm and I will run for the senate.
That decision threw this race for senate into Terrible Tom and who could emerge as the strongest candidate against him.
Right now, like it or not, it looks like Mrs. Fiorina is the stronger of the two. And one thing that she has and Mr. DeVore is not is money. And she is much closer to Terrible Tom than is Mr. DeVore.
Take a peek at the polling average over at Real Clear Politics.
The total of polls averaged out show that Terrible Tom has a nearly seven point lead over Mrs. Fiorina. Mr. Devore? Mr. DeVore is averaging 11%, which is 28 points behind Terrible Tom's 29.4% of the average.
The reality is also that California is not like most states. A winner needs a boatload of cash to be competitive.
The incumbent senator, Ma'am Boxer, is loaded with cash. And the only one that can and will match her is Mrs. Fiorina.
A compelling case was made by CK McLeod over at HotAir that Mr. DeVore should at least consider dropping out of the race.
And let me write this.
I have lived with this embarrassment of a senator her whole career. I want this to be the year that we finally put her out like a horse to pasture. But I do not want to do so with a weasel like Terrible Tom Campbell. I want some one that has some sense of where the nation is going. And wants to lead there. I never get that from Terrible Tom. I do get it with Chuck DeVore. And I think that a non career pol like Carly Fiorina gets it.
There is is still some time for events to change and Mr. DeVore to make a serious run at Mrs. Fiorina and eventually overtake Terrible Tom. But I am not seeing it. And I think that it is time for Mr. DeVore to do some real soul-searching this week and come to a decision that is good for conservatism and the Republican party in California.
Because, like it or not, until June 7, the enemy is Terrible Tom Campbell. And he must be stopped.
Then we can beat Sen. Ma'am Boxer.

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richard mcenroe said...

Cheney just threw the gubernatorial primary to Poizner with his endorsement of Whitman. No way now she gets the independents and wavering dems she needs in November.

I have met Devore. I have listened to Devore. I trust Devore. I will vote my conscience in the primary and then AND ONLY THEN IF NECESSARY will I consider voting for Fiorina or Campbell.

Devore shouldn't endorese ANYONE else until the votes are counted. Fiorina and Campbell are cut of the same stock and at that point it becomes an anybody but Boxer vote for another RINO.