Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Good Republican Night

In today's mini Super Tuesday, it was mostly a good night for the Republicans.
In the Pennsylvania ground zero, it was a split decision for Republicans.
Thankfully, Pennsylvania Democrats threw the charlatan Sen. Snarlin' Arlen Specter out of office as Congressman Joe Sleaztak, er Sestak (yeah, I wanted to write Sleaztak!) defeated the turn coat rather handily, by a margin of 54% to 46%. Mr. Sestak will face the Republican standard bearer, former congressman Pat Toomey in November.
Remember, Sen. Specter thought he would win reelection switching parties. He said so himself. But even Democrats could not buy his song and dance. No one is crying for Snarlin' Arlen tonight!
But, in the Pennsylvania special election for the late John Murtha's 12 congressional district seat, the Democrat won that race.
Mark Critz, Mr. Murtha's top aide, beat back a spirited challenge from Republican Tim Burns. Mr. Critz won the race 53% to 43%. But, because there was also a primary today, these two will face each other in November. Strange. But, one advantage that Mr. Burns will have then that he did not have is that Mr. Critz will have had to take votes. And will have a record. We will see if he can continue the charade of running to the right of the Dear Leader, President Obama, Jackass Nancy Pelosi and voting down the line for their legislation.
The big win was in Kentucky.
Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, won his senate primary against the Secretary of State, Trey Greyson. It was not even close. The margin was rather humiliating for Mr. Greyson. Mr. Paul won 59% to 35%. Mr. Paul is the first Tea Party backed candidate to win a statewide race. And according to Real Clear Politics, Mr. Rand already has a slim lead over prohibitive Democrat challenger Jack Conway, 43% to 39%.
Yes, I worry that Mr. Paul is as, well unusual. Like his old man, Ron. But, I have watched him and he appears to be reasonable and a lot less knee-jerk isolationist than the old man. But, his adherence to wanting to actually uphold the constitution is a really good thing.
In Arkansas, incumbent Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln is being forced into a run off from her left as the Lt. Gov., Bill Halter, almost pulled ahead, but fell two points short of going into the runoff as the leading Dem. The margin is 44% to 43%. And at this posting, only 81% of the vote statewide has been counted. So, it is possible that Mr. Halter will pull ahead. But, one has to get 50% plus one to win outright.
For the GOP, Congressman John Boozeman won easily gaining 54% of the vote and avoiding any runoff. This should be an easy Republican pick up in the fall.
Even with the loss in the Pennsylvania 12th congressional district, it was a good night for the Republicans and point to a great November.

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Rightwingsnarkle said...

Wait a minute - a repub loses a special election in a district that went Kerry '04 but McCain '08 - and you call it "a good repub night?"

Please, I would like some of whatever it is you're smoking, because it's gotta be pretty potent stuff.

As for the uber-wingnut/tea-bagger in KY - the base may love him, but that's about it. It's all down hill from here...