Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrible Tom Campbell And The Ad Of Deception

Terrible Tom Campbell, one of three Republicans running for the nod to face Sen. Ma'am Boxer (D-Cal.), must be very, very desperate.
The latest television commercial seems rather innocent enough. I even think that every should take a look at it (go to the video at the link "Clear alternative").
Why is this ad deceptive? Or why is this any more deceptive than any other political ad?
Well, if you look at it before you even click the ad, the name Tom McClintock appears.
The quote from Congressman Tom McClintock is that Terrible Tom is "Clear. Straight forward. Honest".
So, why is Terrible Tom using a quote from Congressman McClintock? Especially when Congressman McClintock is not endorsing him? But is endorsing rival Chuck DeVore for the GOP senate nod?
Call it endorsement by association.
See, Terrible Tom wants the viewer of the ad to believe that because Congressman McClintock said a nice thing about him an eon ago, he must be on board. And to a casual viewer, potential voter and one who likes Congressman McClintock, it would appear that way.
If you want to actually see Congressman McClintock's endorsement of Mr. DeVore, follow this link.
Of course Terrible Tom is desperate.
If the latest poll numbers are to be believed, the once big lead he had over both Carly Fiorina and Mr. Devore is gone. And it is possible that Mr. DeVore could over take Terrible Tom.
But, there are still two weeks to go in this death match for the Republican senate nomination.
One thing I would like to see is this from Terrible Tom Campbell.
If he is the "Clear. Straight Forward. Honest" man that Congressman McClintock once said that he is, he will take Congressman McClintock's quote and name off the ad that is now running on California television.
Desperate times may seem to call for desperate measures by Team Terrible Tom. But resorting to an eons-old quote from a man endorsing your opponent seems to be rather a cheap move.
Terrible Tom, take that ad off the air!

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Phoenixism said...

Wow that is some cheesy strategy.
The desperation is starting to show which should make for a very interesting week and a half!