Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congressman-Elect Charles Djou!

Hawai'ian voters in the first congressional district had the good sense to send a good man to congress and Charles Djou emerged victorious in the Bloody Battle For The First.
Congressman-elect Djou got 40% of the vote over the closest Democrat, Colleen Hanabusa, who received 31% of the vote. Third place went to Democrat Ed Case who pulled in with 28% of the vote.
No question, Congressman-elect Djou benefited from a divided Democrat party. But who cares? A win is a win.
Look for the Democrats to spin it, but remember as I noted in an earlier post, Congressman-elect Djou, Republican, now represents the home town of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Eternal justice!
This is really a big deal.
This district, the Hawai'i first, has not had a Republican representative in 20 years. Congressman-elect Djou becomes only the third Republican to represent Hawai'i in congress in 50 years.
And this breaks a streak of losses for the Republicans in special House elections.
As Jim Geraghty points out at The Campaign Spot, the special election in the Georgia ninth congressional district has actually broken the streak. And many of these races were in very Democrat districts. But nonetheless, the Republicans should have been able to at least split the difference and win some of those races.
What helps Congressman-elect Djou is that he will be the incumbent when the election rolls around the first Tuesday in November. And the Democrats may still decide to rumble with Mrs. Hanabusa and Mr. Case running against each other for the Democrat nod to face then Congressman Djou.
This is a great win for the Republicans. But this does not mean to count the chickens before they hatch. The Democrats are going to fight tooth-and-nail to take this seat back. We must be ready for all that they will throw at Congressman-elect Djou.
For now, let us savor the victory. And hopefully the beginning of more of these kind of wins for the Republicans.

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