Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Republicans, Do Not Run The 2010 Midterms As David Cameron Ran The British Election Campaign

As I noted in the previous post, the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a deal with the Devil and is stuck in a coalition with the Liberal Democrat party.
Mr. Cameron did not have to do what he did, but remember, I noted the Trifecta that Mr. Cameron is.
A little George H. W. Bush, a little Sen. John "F--- You" McCain and a little of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Tim Montgomerie makes the point that the Conservatives should be the majority party. That the campaign they ran is what did them in. And the majority of Conservatives agree. And Mr. Montgomerie points out that running an American presidential-style campaign ended up hurting him in the end. It made Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg more than he is. And now Mr. Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister. Thanks to the ineptitude of one David Cameron.
When the next election will be held possibly later this year, Mr. Cameron needs to shed the moderation and run on principle. If he can do that, the Conservatives win outright.
And they should have won the election out right.

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