Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Democrats More Stressed Over The Economy?

While there is a lot going on in the world, I find this item rather interesting. Interesting considering that in this article, we are being told the economy is really improving.
Oh, don't be bothered by the "stubbornly high" unemployment-a wondrous 9.9%. And don't worry too much about finding work when the competition is "fierce". And really, don't worry about the shrinking paycheck.
Here is the part of the article that is rather interesting:

Last year, Democrats felt better about their finances than Republicans, despite generally being in worse shape. That sense seems to have worn off: Democrats now report higher debt stress levels on average than Republicans.

So, how is that Hope 'n Change working out for you Dems? I thought that if the American people elected the Dear Leader, President Obama, people would not have these nagging problems? You know, like paying one's bills. Mortgage and or rent payments. Credit card payments. Car payments.
I mean, isn't that what a supporter of the Dear Leader, President Obama said two years ago?
Remember Peggy Joseph? She is the gal that said this about then candidate Sen. Messiah Barack:

"I wont have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage.. You know, If I help him, he's gonna help me."

So, Peg. May I call ya' Peg? Has the Dear Leader, President Obama, helped you with the gas for your car? Has he helped pay your mortgage? Huh? Has he?
See, now the fun is finally wearing off those that thought the Dear Leader, President Obama, was the Messiah. That he was just going to wave a magic wand and all would be well.
The reality is that this economy sucks. Even if there is some recovery, it clearly is a jobless recovery. It is beyond tenuous at best. Every day, events in Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world is putting a strain on any long-term economic recovery and growth.
That is part of the problem.
A real problem is that there is the Peg Joseph mentality at the top.
There is this thought that there is a magical piggy bank and all that has to be done is run up national debt in hopes that the economy will recover and there will be the kind of growth that will produce jobs that sustain the growth. But, darn it, there is something called inflation. That is the result of running up unsustainable debt.
Someone will have to eventually pay all this debt off.
Which brings me back to why this little item in a little-noted article is very worrisome-or at least should be-to the Democrats.
If enough of these people stay home come November 2, election day, or vote for the Republicans, the Democrats can kiss the House and senate majorities good bye. Majority of governorships. Good bye. State House legislatures. Good bye.
And to think, a year ago, the Democrats were talking about a permanent majority.
Maybe the Democrats need to rethink their strategy. Maybe the Democrats should be really concerned about real economic growth. Not the government kind, but the private sector kind.
People need and want to work. And they want to be able to pay their bills and not feel like they will never catch up.
After all, at some point, this is not George W. Bush's fault. Somebody needs to man up and take responsibility. Guess who that should be?

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