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What The Left Really Thinks About Conservative Women

Here is a take on what frightens the left about successful conservative women.
Linda Hirshman is a writer for Tina Brown's loathsome Daily Beast site.
And what she has to write about what she calls "Mini Palin's" is without a doubt a stupid hit piece on the upcoming election in which there will be some great, accomplished, conservative Republican women running for office.
The women that Miss Hirshman focuses on are the following.

Nevada Republican senate candidate Sharron Angle.
Colorado Republican senate candidate Jane Norton.
New Hampshire Republican senate candidate and current attorney general Kelly Ayotte.
Former Utah Republican senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar.

So, what has Miss Hirshman's thongs in a bunch?
Well, that these women are traditional. That they have "A bachelor's degree from a non-elite school"-that means a state school. You know, like University of Nevada, Reno (Mrs. Angle), Colorado State University (Mrs. Norton), Penn State (Mrs. Ayotte), Brigham Young University (Mrs. Eagar).
Terrible institutions one and all.
That is the implication.
After all, these gals did not go to Wellsley College and Yale Law School (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton). Or Princeton University and Harvard Law School (First Lady Michelle Obama). And because they did not go to the "right" schools, that apparently disqualifies them from pursing elected office.
By traditional, these accomplished women went into "show business", or -THE HORROR- becoming public school teachers! Of course, there is the oddball of the bunch, Mrs. Ayotte. How dare she actually pursue a law degree from Villanova. And run for and become attorney general in New Hampshire.
Miss Hirshman goes on to diss all the candidates "thin" record on their time in elected office.
As if Mrs. Clinton is the most qualified secretary of state in United States history. Or that if she was plain ol' Hillary Diane Rodham, she would have gotten where she is today.
Oh, and it is so terrible that these women have not been "on their own" business wise, so to speak. They have been involved in family businesses.
Again, may I beat the Clinton horse into the ground. She would not be where she is if she was not Mrs. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.
But once you get to the meat of this diatribe, it all comes down to abortion.
Here is what Miss Hirshman says about the women and their view on abortion:

(Kelly) Ayotte, similarly well-positioned in New Hampshire, is a hero to pro-lifers for her insistence on pursuing an ultimately successful appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of New Hampshire's parental-notification law, against the expressed wishes of the newly elected Democratic governor. Indeed, all four are elaborately and explicitly opposed to women having access to abortions in all but the most extreme cases, if at all. Their most "liberal" position is to make an exception for rape or the mother's life.

That is what really bothers Miss Hirshman and their ilk.
That there are women that oppose abortion on demand. That they do not believe it is a "right" but that it is a life being taken.
A lot of women have had abortions. And many have regretted the fact that they have. They look to it as something very painful in their lives. And they do not want women to have to feel alone and make a decision that is, no matter what, life changing.
Now this is an old article, but it is instructive as to what really drives left-wing feminists crazy about accomplished, conservative women. And why these women must win their contests in November.

The attorney general in New Hampshire is an appointed position. Kelly Ayotte was appointed attorney general in 2004. She did not run for the office. Thank you observant reader.

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