Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily Kos And Fraudulant Polls

This is really interesting. It appears that The Daily Kos was, surprise of surprises, fooled by their own polling group, Research 2000.
Now this would not be much of a story, except the Mr. Kos himself, Markos Moulitsas, was going to use much of this polling data in writing his tome "American Taliban". It was this polling outfit that asked absurd questions of supposed conservative and or Republican voters that is the basis for Mr. Kos' book on the "extremism" on the right.
Of course Mr. Kos is doing what all good lefties do. He is planning to sue this outfit.
Hmm, it seems like many on the left have a real hate for Rasmussen Reports, yet their polling is independent and rather accurate.
Well, I can not wait for Mr. Kos and his book of fiction on American conservatives. Based on fictional polling.

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