Sunday, June 13, 2010

And Now, The Left Goes After Nikki Haley's Christianity

Ooh Boy!
It is not enough for an imbecile South Carolina state senator names Don, er Jake Knotts to slam his party's front-runner for governor. About her Christian faith. Hell, "Sen." Knotts out right says that Nikki Haley, the Republican front-runner for governor, is not really a Christian.
But, that is just the beginning.
Now a writer over at Slate magazine thinks she should jump into the fray. From the other side, of course.
This is what passes as the more intelligent way to address whether Mrs. Haley is indeed a Christian and a Methodist.
The writer of this hit piece, Neela Banerjee, wants you to know that because she too is Indian, she is going to write the truth about Mrs. Haley and her relationship to God. Or not.
Miss Banerjee writes that because Mrs. Haley is one of them there "light skinned" Punjabi Sikhs, it probably makes it easier to pass off as being White. With a great tan, but White in Miss Banerjee's world.
Here is something to explain to the non-Christian.
Not everyone that converts to Christianity likes to discuss the conversion. Especially in families like Mrs. Haley's. Some members of the family have not had the same experience. Thus, while in Christian settings, it is very easy for that Christian to talk the talk. But outside, it is still hard. See, that is why one progresses as a Christian. If all were at the same place, it would be very boring indeed.
Again, I do not question anyone that says they are Christians. What I do question is what one believes and how they got to that thought.
Many people still believe that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is really a closet Islamic. I do not. He says that he is a Christian, was baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Until he rejects it, I believe that he is.
By the same token, the other side should also believe that Mrs. Haley and the Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, are committed, practicing Christians.
And so should those on our side. If one wants to go after Mrs. Haley on public policy, go for it. But, leave her religion out of it.
The Other McCain has the goods on this. And I do like the fact he points out how long it has taken ethnic groups to become a real part of the American fabric. But he also takes aim at Whites as well:

Defining oneself as distinct from the Vanilla-American — that stereotypical Wonder-Bread-and-Miracle-Whip WASP – has become a sort of geneaological parlor game since the 1960s. Nowadays, even the blandest of Anglo-American yuppies seem to feel obligated to put an ethnic asterisk beside their ancestry, as if to signify that they’re down with the whole multicultural-diversity agenda.

First, I like Best Foods (known as Hellman's east of the Rockies) mayo. No "Miracle" Whip for me!
Second, I guess I am ethnically boring to the left.
My mother's mother's family came from Scotland, were Presbyterians. My mother's father came from Canada.
On my dad's side, oh that is interesting. His family were, get ready. . .JOOOZ! From Odessa, The Ukraine.
But most important is this.
I am an A M E R I C A N!
Pure and simple. I was born in the United States and I consider myself nothing more than that. I have a pride at my heritage, but it is a heritage. It really has nothing to do with me or my family now because we are Americans.
Let us say this together.
I am an A M E R I C A N! The Dear Leader, President Obama, is an A M E R I C A N! Nikky Haley is an A M E R I C A N!
In the realm of public policy, that is what matters. And if we want to talk about our Christianity and our relation with Jesus Christ and how it affects how we look at public policy, discuss that. Not whether any of us is a Christian or not.
Until we get there, slime merchants like "Sen." Knotts and Miss Banerjee will question the sincerity of people's religious beliefs if not whether they are or not.
A real disgrace.

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