Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Real Time California Election Results

If you are interested in seeing the outcome of the races in California from today's primary election, here is the Secretary of State site.
For the Republicans, Meg Whitman wins the governor's race-big! Carly Fiorina wins the senate race. Will be interested to see where Chuck DeVore finishes there. The Political Whore, Abel Maldonado looks to be the winner for Lt. Governor.
I am really contemplating supporting the Democrat for this one. I can not in good consience vote for this creep. Let me know what you think.
The Secretary of State race is being won handlily by Damon Dunn. Thank goodness for this! California would really be a laughing stock if Birther Orly Taitz won this race.
I also thing that Sarah Palin won big tonight.
Why? I think her endorsement of Carly Fiorina put her over the top.
A lot more tomorrow.

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