Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good To See Our Leaders Have Their Priorities Straight

It is really a good thing to see the absolute stellar leadership of Laurel and Hardy, er the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his sidekick, Vice-President Boffo Joe Biden.
Item one in the leadership file.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, upon his arrival to the G-8 summit in Toronto inquired about, well the bevy of golf courses in the area that the summit is being held. Now, this was not just something put out on some blog and went viral. This was straight from the mouth of the industrial minister?* of Canada, Tony Clement.
I assume that Mr. Clement did not mean for it to be such a bad thing, but the reality is that the Dear Leader, President Obama, has shall I say a penchant for the golf course. It seems funny for a leader like the Dear Leader, President Obama, who criticized former President George W. Bush's management style to be emulating him in spades.
Well, there is some hope and change.
And for item number two, the Treasury Secretary, Tax Cheat Tim Geithner, pretty much surrendered United States economic leadership by conceding that the United States can no longer lead the world in economic growth. Now that is really nice. I am certain the nearly "officially" 10% of those unemployed in the United States love hearing that. And while Mr. Tax Cheat Tim is right that the global economy must improve, taking the United States leadership out of that equation is de facto surrendering United States leadership where it is needed the most.
Mr. Tax Cheat Tim could not have said what he said with no rebuke from the Dear Leader, President Obama. Which means it is the position of the administration.
But enough of that.
I mean, the number two guy, Boffo Joe Biden, continues to make many Americans wonder this. Would Sarah Palin have really been that bad as Vice-President.
Answer is. . .of course not!
Here is Boffo Biden at his best.
This past week, Boffo Biden was in Wisconsin assisting the reelection campaign of Democrat senator Russ Feingold. After what the veep said, I am certain he was not all that thankful for the help.
The two men stopped off at a suburban Milwaukee custard shop and Boffo Biden, to his credit, was willing to pay for the custard that Sen. Feingold and he bought. But, when Boffo Biden asked the manager of Cobb's custard shop what he owed him, the manager said it was on the house. And the manager said that if the Obama administration would lower taxes, he would call it even. The reward for that honesty was Boffo Biden referring to the manager as a "smartass".
Nice. Really super duper nice.
See, that is what the administration thinks of the "small" people. You know, if there is a little honesty, call them names and not address the point that the gentleman was trying to make.
It seems that belittling a constituent and potential voter is the game this administration is playing.
But, it also shows priorities.
The Dear Leader wants to get in a round or two of golf and an economic summit.
The Treasury Secretary surrenders American leadership in the international economy.
And, Vice-President Boffo Biden insults a voter.
And all this within the last 72 hours.
These people will wonder after November 2, 2010 why they are no longer in the majority of either house of congress. Or governorships. Or state houses.
Maybe events like these will be a lot of the reason why.

* Why would any democratic, capitalist economy need an "industrial minister"?

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