Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Recommendations For California Primary Day Today

Today is the big day for us in California. It is primary election day. And, I will offer my endorsements and or recommendations. Please note, I only give recommendations for the Republican primary. I'll let the Democrats fight it out.

Governor: Steve Poizner
Lt. Governor: Sam Aanestad
Secretary of State: Damon Dunn
Controller: Tony Strickland
Attorney General: John Eastman
Insurance Commissioner: Mike Villines
United States Senator: Chuck DeVore

Poizner has taken a hard line on illegal immigration and is running against Gov. Benedict Arnold. Don't let the polls get you down. The same polls show that a lot of voters are undecided. And as much as 20 percent of those who have made a choice can change their minds. Same for the United States senate race. The good news is that, God willing, Terrible Tom Campbell will not be the Republican nominee to face Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
The Lt. Governor race is important. If you are a self-respecting Republican, you can not, I repeat, can not vote for the Political Whore, Abel Maldonado. You must vote for Sam Aanestad.
In the Secretary of State race, Damon Dunn is the clear choice. Orly Taitz is a leading member of the so-called "Birther" group. She would abuse the Secretary of State's office to go after the Dear Leader, President Obama. I may not like his policies and can not wait to vote him out in 2012, but he was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i in 1961. End of story.
John Eastman is the clear constitutional choice for Attorney General. Because some serious constitutional issues will come before that office in the next four years, Mr. Eastman would be the kind of AG that can take cases before the United States supreme court over the Los Angeles county District Attorney, Steve Cooley. Mr. Cooley will make a good nuts-and-bolts type of AG, but Mr. Eastman will be better whereas constitutional questions are concerned.
The Insurance Commissioner race is a hold-my-nose and vote for the tax-hiking former Republican assembly leader, Mike Villines. I do not know enough about his opponent, Brian Fitzgerald. So, I would recommend Mr. Villines or do not vote in this race.
Now on to the propositions.

Proposition 13: Yes
Proposition 14: No
Proposition 15: No
Proposition 16: Yes
Proposition 17: Yes

Prop. 13 is a minor adjustment to the original Prop. 13 passed in 1978. Not a real big deal but a good thing to not reases property that is seismically retrofitted to meet earthquake standards.
Prop. 14 is a scam to take political parties out of nominating their candidates for office. It would have the effect of members of the same party running for the same office. Not a good thing.
Prop. 15 is another public-financing for elections scam. The government should not be in the business of effecting election outcomes. Simply to make sure that they are conducted and fairly.
Prop. 16 affirms that the people can vote on tax increases for cities and other government agencies that want to begin a government electric concern. And it would make it a two-thirds requirement. A good thing.
Prop. 17 allows people taking coupons for their auto insurance to any company. It also allows same companies to determine rates based on drivers having continuous insurance coverage. Again, this is a good thing.
Remember, one can vote until 8PM tonight. So fellow Californians, get out and vote. Of course for the right candidates!

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Right on man! Vote Steve POIZNER!